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Abstract Science Radio [AS1169]

Abstract Science Radio [AS1161]


New music from DRUMSKULL, SCRATCHCLART, SCHNEIDER TM, COIL + more on this Abstract Science podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. BILL begins with a mix of breakbeat, grime, electro + techno. LUKE follows with a bit more techno, gradually descending into downtempo, braindance + soundscapes. [aired 1 April 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

DJ GIRL X DJ FLP “Operator” (Dub Mix) EAT DIS, 2020
Stones Taro “To Rave” Scuffed Recordings, 2020
Drumskull “Negative 7” Seagrave, 2021
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Wheele” AD 93, 2020
Scratchclart “Kong” (Earthsurfaceopen Bootleg Mix) DRMTRK, 2021
FJAAK “WH?T” Tectonic, 2021
Gage “The Swarm” 2 B Real, 2021
Biome “Guilty” Manuka, 2021
Sam Binga & Chimpo “Ultra Luxe” Critical Music, 2021
John Tejada “Marina Motel” (Plaid Remix) Touched, 2021
Fiesta Soundsystem “Pych 130” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Kettama “Anniversary” R&S Records, 2020
M4A4 “Avera” Lobster Theremin, 2021
Herb LF “I Know About” (K-Lone Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2021
Bop “NDE” Hospital Records, 2021
KG & UNIIQU3 “Black Roses” Future Bounce, 2020
Calibre “Regular Bull” Signature Recordings, 2021
SpektralSound “Biolumisecent” (Spektral Night Waves Version) Manuka, 2021

BRONSON “Keep Moving (HAAi Remix)” (BRONSON Remixes N°.2, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Simona Zamboli “Compossibility” (Ethernity, Mille Plateaux, 2021)
M. Rahn “Iron Flowers” (The Lost Archives, Seasides on Postcards, 2021)
Schneider TM “Light & Grace” (The 8 0f Space, Editions Meego, 2021)
Jimmy Edgar “Curves” (Cheetah Bend, Innovative Leisure, 2021)
Visionist “Allowed to dream” (A call to arms, Mute, 2021)
Duo Odio “Manú” (Patria y Rudio, G89 Records, 2021)
Coil “Strange Birds” (Musick to play in the dark, Sacred Bones, 2021)
PCM “Substrato” (Macro, n5MD, 2021)
Kazuya Nagaya “Rabbit Whispers Buddha (Ezekiel Hagar Rework)” (Microscope of Heraclitus Reworks, Indigo Raw, 2021)
Reza Safinia “Surya” (Yin, Music & Texture, 2021)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1155]

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Guest mix from SUBVERB + new music from FIESTA SOUNDSYSTEM, KESSLER, TERNION SOUND + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL begins the program with a mix of mid-tempo breakbeat + breakstep, with a bit of UK garage + grime flavor. Special guest SUBVERB follows with a diverse mix of drum n bass sounds, ranging from minimal + contemplative half-step to techstep rollers + raucous rinse-outs. SUBVERB is a long-time fixture in the Chicago bass-scene + resident with the DNBID + Proper Chicago crews. [aired 18 February 2021 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Fiesta Soundsystem “Foundation” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Sharpson “Skinny Mysterio” Choki Biki, 2021
DJ Plead “Going For It” Livity Sound, 2020
Kessler “Kwaku” Shall Not Fade, 2021
Doctor Nick “Squelch” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Wen “Swerv” GD4YA, 2020
Ahadadream “Melty” R&S Records, 2019
Ternion Sound “There is A Cost” Manuka, 2021
Trudge “From Sorrow To Darkness” 1Ø Pills Mate, 2019
Martyn “One Eye” 3024, 2019
object blue & TSVI “Turing Machine” Nervous Horizon, 2020
Hooverian Blur “Old Gold” Sneaker Social Club, 2020
Hi5ghost “Long Way Home” Cutcross, 2020
Ikonika “Terminus” Not On Label, 2020
Skee Mask “Play Ha” Ilian Tape, 2019
El-B “Son De Cali” Soul Motive, 2009
Interplanetary Criminal “Bronze” Warehouse Rave, 2020

Secret Space – Displaced Paranormals & No Rules (Inception Audio)
Arty Fellows(DJ Clart Remix) – MSDOS (Liquid Drops)
Justified(Spectrasoul Remix) – Commix (Metalheadz)
Glow – Kimyan Law (Blu Mar Ten Music)
Bullying – Waeys & Was A Be (Critical Music)
System – Gerra & Stone (Shogun Audio)
Drifted – Satl (North Quarter)
3rd Eye – Mikal & Visionobi (Metalheadz)
Nevermind It – Ed:It (Shogun Audio)
Tequila – Jam Thieves (Jungle Cakes)
Infatuate – Koherent (Shogun Audio)
Informer(Xtrah Remix) – Phentix & Signal (Cyberfunk)
Road To Enlightenment – Actraiser (Celsius Recordings)
Summer Breeze – Kontrast (Lockdown Recordings)
A Taste Of Your Touch – Geeks feat. Afia (Soul Deep Digital)
Still A Soldier – Dawn Raid, Jinx & K Jah (Natty Dub Recordings)
Typical Description(Calibre Remix) – BCee & David Boomah (Spearhead Records)
Be There – Calicre & DRS (Intergral Records)
Low Notes – Mikal (Dust Audio)
Tactical Rail – Gremlinz (Hosptital)
External Reality(Om Unit Remix) – Seba (Secret Operations)
Egg Box – Taelimb & Fearful (Flexout Audio)

EMP Radio Demo Derby 21

Live stream hosted by EMP Radio

Abstract Science Radio [AS1152]

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New music from BICEP, KOBE JT & PARA, JOHN TEJADA, SYNPAL + MARTIN GORE on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL mixes new UK garage/2 step with a few classics for the first hour. HENRY follows with synth, dub + jazz downtempo, before taking off with breakbeat + acid techno to close out the second hour.

[aired 28 January 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Call Super “Every Mouth Teeth Missing” Incienso, 2020
Interplanetary Criminal “Pose Up Kill Dem” Warehouse Rave, 2020
Izco “Local” Not On Label, 2020
El-B & Juiceman “R U Ready” El-Breaks, 2001
Sky Joose “Garage Bunnies” (Holloway Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2020
Ghost “Buck & Bury” Ghost, 2002
DJ Madd “Run Tune” Unchained Recordings, 2020
Kobe JT & Para “Crew” Not On Label, 2021
Highrise “Feedback” (Sly Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2020
Gemi “Let Me Tell” Not On Label, 2020
Para “WTF” (Radio Edit) Not On Label, 2020
El-Tuff “2-3-Bass” 2tuf 4u Records, 2002
Highrise “B2” (Swings & Roundabouts Vol 3) White Labels, 2020
Kachina “Code Green” Migration Recordings, 2020
Synpal “Reiki” Smokin Sessions, 2021
Pugilist “Regrowth” DEXT Recordings, 2020
Al Wootton “JL” (Priori Sharp Tool Mix) Trule, 2020

Cut Copy “Rain” (Freeze, Melt, Cutters, 2020)
Andras “Honeybird” (Joyful, Beats In Space, 2020)
Com Truise “Compress–Fuse” (In Decay, Too, Ghostly International, 2020)
John Tejada “The Haunting of Earth” (Year of the Living Dead, Kompakt, 2021)
Poppy Ajudha “Watermelon Man” (Blue Note Revisited, Blue Note, 2020)
The Midnight “The Search for Ecco” (Monsters, Counter, 2020)
Westcliffe “Universe” (Distrokid, 2020)
Bicep “Sundial” (Isles, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Rebūke “Rattle” (Drumcode, 2019)
Rebūke & Alan Fitzpatrick “Ultimate Distortion” (We Are the Brave, 2020)
Denham Audio “Feel the Panic” (Lobster Theremin, 2020)
TSHA feat. Gabrielle Aplin “Change” (Flowers, Ninja Tune, 2020)
Wayward “Back to the Old Days” (Silver Bear, 2020)
Martin Gore “Mandrill” (The Third Chimpanzee EP, Mute, 2021)

Abstract Science Live Stream #6

Abstract Science Radio [AS1126]

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New music from BOP X SUBWAVE, ANUNAKU + DJ PLEAD, SHADOW CHILD, ALAN DIXON + DANIEL AVERY on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. For the first hour, BILL focuses on new UK garage, 2 step + breakbeat sounds. HENRY follows with peak-time house anthems to get your hands in the air for the second hour. [aired 30 July 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Bop x Subwave “Haze” Hospital Records, 2020
Interplanetary Criminal “Oh La La” Time Is Now, 2020
Dream Cycle “Told You” Sneaker Social Club, 2019
Zed Bias “Neighbourhood” (instrumental) Not On Label, 1999
Horsepower Productions “Classic Deluxe” (El-B Remix) GD4YA, 2019
Gemi “93_laserdome” Not On Label, 2020
Basement Jaxx “Bang Your Head” (dub version) XL, 2020
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Clap Clap” AD 93, 2020
Walton “Djembe” Ilian Tape, 2020
Jubilee “Let Go” Mixpak, 2019
Tessela “Helter Skelter” Poly Kicks, 2013
Hypho “Very Last Time” 81, 2020
Holloway “Evanition” Instinct, 2020
Huerta “All Wild Things Are Shy” Voyage Recordings, 2020

Shadow Child “Mars” (Apollo 2, Armada Electronic Elements, 2020)
Adelphi Music Factory “Uprising (I Can’t Wait)” (Beat Factory, 2020)
Alan Dixon “Acid Drop” (Piano Drop EP, Running Back, 2020)
Loods “Pure Bliss Meltdown” (Steel City Dance Discs, 2020)
Monki, DJ Rae “I’m Free to Love You” (Toolroom, 2020)
Willaris. K feat. Paul Mac “Full Circle” (Full Noise EP, Astralwerks, 2020)
Daniel Avery “Darlinnn” (Love + Light, Phantasy Sound, 2020)
Steve Kelley “Bruneck” (Sublease, 2020)
Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick “Sundancing” (Hot Creations, 2020)
Yaeji “Waking Up Down” (What We Drew, XL, 2020)
The Midnight “The Search for Ecco” (Monsters, Counter, 2020)
Big Black Delta “Sunday” (4, Master of Bates, 2020)
Apparat “Bad Kingdom” (Lulu’s Version) (Soundtracks: Stay Still, It’s Complicated, 2020)


Abstract Science Live Stream #2

Abstract Science Radio Best of 2019

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BEST OF 2019, featuring A.FRUIT, AIRMAX ’97, BARKER, FENNESZ, FLOATING POINTS, OCTA OCTA, SLIKBACK, SPECIAL REQUEST, SYNKRO, YAZZUS + many more, on the first of two ABSTRACT SCIENCE year-in-review podcasts. co-hosts CHRIS WIDMAN, BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF mix 3 diverse hours of future music favorites from 2019. [aired 5 December 2019 on WLUW-88.7FM Chicago]

Barker “Utility” (Utility, Ostgut Ton, 2019)
Skee Mask “Juug (Iss004, Ilian Tape, 2019)
Autechre “32.23_46.53” (Warp Tapes 89-93 Part 2, 2019)
Throwing Snow “Ideolog” (The Death of Pragmatism, Houndstooth, 2019)
Konx-om-Pax “Optimism Over Despair” (Ways Of Seeing, Planet Mu, 2019)
YAK “Wide Eye” (Termina, R&S, 2019)
Chrissy “Truth bomb feat. Colonel Abrams” (True Stories, Super Rhythm Trax, 2019)
Dan Curtin “Pay to Win” (District Omega EP, Bluemoog Music, 2019)
DJ Haus “See U in My Dreams (Lone Remix)” (See U in My Dreams, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019)
Special Request “Shepperton Moon Landing” (Offworld, Houndstooth, 2019)
Slikback and 33EMYBW “ZENO” (Slip A, Hakuna Kulala, 2019)
Air Max ’97 “Turgor” (Falling Not Walking, Decisions, 2019)
Goth Trad “Bloody Dice” (Knights Of The Black Table, Avalanche, 2019)
Scorn “Feather” (Ohm Resistance, 2019)

Synkro “Realize” [Apollo Records] 2019
Stenny “Stress Test” [Ilian Tape] 2019
Kamikaze Space Programme “Sparks” [Osiris Music] 2019
Tommy Four Seven “Radius” [47] 2019
Atsushi Izumi “Lansing” [The Collection Artaud] 2019
Alix Perez “Deep Six” [1985] 2019
Rainforest “The Foundation” [Backgrounds Music] 2019
Jook “Rolling In His Grave” [Sector 7 Sounds] 2019
Yazzus “She In Wonderland” [Not On Label] 2019
HomeSick “Burnout 2099” [Defrostatica Records] 2019
A.Fruit “Obsession” [Med School] 2019
Walton “Squelch” [Kaizen] 2019
Fracture “Hot Temptation” [Hot Source] 2019
Zero T “Bermuda” [31 Recordings] 2019
Alix Perez & Sabre “Solitary Native” [Shogun Audio] 2019
Homemade Weapons “Networth” [Samurai Music] 2019
Sully “Porcelain” [Uncertain Hour] 2019

Octo Octa “I Need You” – For Lovers – Technicolour
Thom Yorke “Runwayaway” – ANIMA – XL
Apparat “Heroist” – LP5 – Mute
Floating Points “Bias” – Crush – Ninja Tune
Skinny Pelembe “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” – Dreaming Is Dead Now – Brownswood
Brittany Howard “13th Century Metal” – Jaime – ATO
Aquarius TX “Sunset 17” – Monica Groove EP – Echovolt
Automatic “Highway” – Signal – Stones Throw
Chromatics “Light as a Feather” – Closer to Grey – Italians Do It Better
Fennesz “Agora” – Agora – Touch
CamelPhat X Jake Bugg “Be Someone” (Skream Remix) – RCA

Abstract Science Radio [AS1093]

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new music from EL-SULL (EL-B + SULLY), AJ TRACEY, LUSINE + BONOBO on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. for the first hour, BILL showcases the current UK garage/2 step revival with a mix heavy on self-released BANDCAMP.COM finds. LUKE takes hour 2 atmospheric, alternating between techno, dub + ambient sounds. [aired 18 July 2018 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

El-Sull “2Groovy” [GD4YA] 2019
Higgo “’95” [Rare Supply] 2019
Highrise “Untitled” [Not On Label] 2018
Mind Of A Dragon “Special” [Kiwi Records] 2019
Izco “Traffic” [Not On Label] 2018
Murlo & Conducta “Together” [Coil Records] 2018
Zemon “Decisions” [Slime Recordings] 2019
Folklore Séries “21 Speakers” [Folklore Séries] 2018
Jack Junior “Say What” [Not On Label] 2019
Royal-T “2 People” [Not On Label] 2018
Might “Power” [Test Your Might] 2019
Flava D “Jamz Club” [Not On Label] 2018
Para “Memories” [Not On Label] 2019
AJ Tracey ft General Levy & Novelist “Ladbroke Grove Remix” [Not On Label] 2019
Joey G ii “2003, South London” [Orphan Records] 2019

Manu Dia – Stranger – Surface EP – young art records
Bonobo – Linked – Ninja Tune
Junk-e-Cat – M.W.A. – Kreatur EP – mutterkomplex
Atsushi Izumi – Copper – Verigris EP – Thrènes Records
Arcane – Cold Days – The Lost Tapes – city life records
Zahn Hatami McClure – They’ll – epsilon – n5MD
Luca Draccar – Vampire Princess – NOORDINARY EP – lush point
Boding – Forsvundet – Bagefter EP – pattern abuse
Khotin – Water Soaked in Forever – Beautiful you – ghostly international
Lusine – Retrace – Retrace – Ghostly International
Aurora – The Seed – A different kind of Human : Set 2 – Decca

Twista – Overnight Celebrity (Donae’o Refix)


music: Donae’o – Overnight Celebrity Refix
vocals: Twista & Kanye West – Overnight Celebrity Acapella

Wookie vs Craig David


music: Wookie – Storm
vocals: Craig David – Fill Me In

Mixing Some UKG


track listing:

01. MJ Cole – MJ FM
02. MJ Cole – Crazy Dubb
03. 2 Smart – Are U Ready
04. Phuturistix – Ready
05. Darqwan – As We Enta
06. Wookie – Storm
07. Mr Reds & Kalibre – Bring The Lights Down
08. Maxwell D – What U Gonna Do
09. El-B & Qualifide – I Wonder Why
10. Tony Momrelle – If You Were Here Tonight
11. Groove Chronicles – Masterplan
12. MJ Cole ft Fallacy – Bandelero Desperado
13. Pay As U Go – 1, 2, 3, 4
14. Donae’o – My Philosophy (Bounce)
15. So Solid Crew – Envy (They Don’t Know)
16. So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds
17. Menta ft Ms Dynamite – Ramp
18. PD Syndicate ft Elephant Man – Zoom Zoom
19. Acen – What?
20. Menta – Jacknife
21. The Beats – The Cigarette Beat
22. DJ Zinc – 138 Trek (Zed Bias Remix)
23. Dynamite MC – Choices
24. MJ Cole – Dawn

Welcome Home Wednesdays @ Smart Bar

STFO Weekly Mix

Listen | Download

01. RSD – Kingfisher [Earwax]
02. Orson + Hops – Dread Drums [Version]
03. TRG – Generation (Breakage Remix) [Naked Lunch]
04. Tubby – Steppa [Soulja]
05. Coki – Officer [DMZ]
06. Benga – Skank [Big Apple]
07. Horsepower Productions – What We Do [Tempa]
08. Herb LF – Bouncing Mary [Gush Collective]
09. Groove Chronicles – Hustlers Play [white]
10. El-B ft D-Twist – Club Music [Bison]
11. Cluekid – Ninety Three [Bullfrog Beats]

Recorded for Skank The F**k Out

Bassweight @ Smart Bar :: Grenier

Bassweight @ Smart Bar :: Local Showcase

Thursday, November 1st

Local Showcase


Smart Bar Chicago
3730 North Clark Street


Todd Edwards @ Smart Bar

Live On WNUR The Fringe


01. The Streets – Has It Come To This? [679]
02. Zoom & DBX – Comin Again 2002 [white]
03. Gush Collective – Sensiflex [Gush]
04. Artful Dodger + Craig David – What Ya Gonna Do (Wideboys Remix) [Public Demand]
05. Mr Vegas – Western End (The B-15 Project Remix) [Oracabessa]
06. Fierce – So Long (Bump & Flex Remix) [Wildstar]
07. Basement Jaxx – You Can’t Stop Me (Stephen Emmanuel Remix) [Locked On]
08. PD Syndicate – Ruff Like Me [London Republic]
09. MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop [Prolific]
10. MJ Cole – Feelin You [Talkin Loud]
11. Qualifide – I Wonder Why [Qualifide]
12. Paul Johnson – She Got Me On (Todd Edwards Remix) [Data]
13. Towa Tei – Free (MJ Cole Remix) [Rhythm Republic]
14. El-B – Every Little Thing [El-Breaks]

recorded for The Fringe

Bassweight @ Smart Bar :: TRUTH

Bassweight @ Smart Bar :: Zebo