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Abstract Science Radio [AS1163]


New music from PROC FISKAL, GANT-MAN, DARKSIDE, JIMMY EDGAR, SPECIAL REQUEST on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF in the mix. BILL begins the program with footwork-inspired jungle + drum n bass. HENRY follows with an eclectic mix of indie-electronic, electro, downtempo + ambient breakbeat. [aired 15 April 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Proc Fiskal “Mullit Madollock” Hyperdub, 2021
PUFF.Magic & Hypesteria “CBD” Black Marble Collective, 2021
Casement “Mutiny” Nice Up!, 2021
Martyn & Om Unit “Passenger” 3024, 2020
Special Request “Elysian Fields” (Tim Reaper Remix) Hooversound, 2021
BSN Posse ft Jon1st “Burnin’ Shoes” Defrostatica Records, 2020
Oyubi “ClapR” Not On Label, 2021
Gant-Man “Distorted Sensory” (Kode9 Remix) Teklife, 2021
DJ C “Circe” Mashit, 2021
Guedra Guedra “People’s Cabaret” On The Corner, 2021
Pugilist “Siphon” (Coco Bryce Remix) DEXT Recordings, 2020
Hyroglifics “Turbo Island” Hooversound, 2020
Maltin Worf “4AM” (Yazzus Remix) Defrostatica, 2021
ASC “Forever” Auxiliary, 2021
DJ FLP “Internal Acid” Not On Label, 2021
Raumskaya “Easy Easy” Black Marble Collective, 2020

Darkside “The Limit” (Spiral, Matador, 2021)
Lusine “Not Alone” (ReeLLove Remix) (Retrace Remixes, Ghostly International, 2021)
Wayward “Ridge Road” (Waiting for the World, Silver Bear, 2021)
Sasha “HDNI” (LUZoSCURA, Alkaane, 2021)
Jimmy Edgar feat. Rochelle Jordan “Crank” (Cheetah Bend, Innovative Leisure, 2021)
The Avalanches feat. Jamie xx, Neneh Cherry & CLYPSO “Wherever You Go” (We Will Always Love You, Astralwerks, 2020)
STR4TA “Kinshasa FC” (Aspects, Brownswood, 2020)
Cody Currie “M9” (Moves EP, Toy Tonics, 2021)
Anchorsong “New World” (Mirage, Tru Thoughts, 2021)
Poté feat. Damon Albarn “Young Lies” (A Tenuous Tale of Her Due, Outlier, 2021)
Special Request “Vellichor” (DJ-Kicks, !K7, 2021)
yehno “Lullaby (For My Dramatic Self)” (Tomorrow We’ll Be Here, Collection Disques Durs, 2021)
Double Mixte “Tirage En Croix” (After Dark 3, Italians Do It Better, 2020)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1161]


New music from DRUMSKULL, SCRATCHCLART, SCHNEIDER TM, COIL + more on this Abstract Science podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. BILL begins with a mix of breakbeat, grime, electro + techno. LUKE follows with a bit more techno, gradually descending into downtempo, braindance + soundscapes. [aired 1 April 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

DJ GIRL X DJ FLP “Operator” (Dub Mix) EAT DIS, 2020
Stones Taro “To Rave” Scuffed Recordings, 2020
Drumskull “Negative 7” Seagrave, 2021
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Wheele” AD 93, 2020
Scratchclart “Kong” (Earthsurfaceopen Bootleg Mix) DRMTRK, 2021
FJAAK “WH?T” Tectonic, 2021
Gage “The Swarm” 2 B Real, 2021
Biome “Guilty” Manuka, 2021
Sam Binga & Chimpo “Ultra Luxe” Critical Music, 2021
John Tejada “Marina Motel” (Plaid Remix) Touched, 2021
Fiesta Soundsystem “Pych 130” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Kettama “Anniversary” R&S Records, 2020
M4A4 “Avera” Lobster Theremin, 2021
Herb LF “I Know About” (K-Lone Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2021
Bop “NDE” Hospital Records, 2021
KG & UNIIQU3 “Black Roses” Future Bounce, 2020
Calibre “Regular Bull” Signature Recordings, 2021
SpektralSound “Biolumisecent” (Spektral Night Waves Version) Manuka, 2021

BRONSON “Keep Moving (HAAi Remix)” (BRONSON Remixes N°.2, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Simona Zamboli “Compossibility” (Ethernity, Mille Plateaux, 2021)
M. Rahn “Iron Flowers” (The Lost Archives, Seasides on Postcards, 2021)
Schneider TM “Light & Grace” (The 8 0f Space, Editions Meego, 2021)
Jimmy Edgar “Curves” (Cheetah Bend, Innovative Leisure, 2021)
Visionist “Allowed to dream” (A call to arms, Mute, 2021)
Duo Odio “Manú” (Patria y Rudio, G89 Records, 2021)
Coil “Strange Birds” (Musick to play in the dark, Sacred Bones, 2021)
PCM “Substrato” (Macro, n5MD, 2021)
Kazuya Nagaya “Rabbit Whispers Buddha (Ezekiel Hagar Rework)” (Microscope of Heraclitus Reworks, Indigo Raw, 2021)
Reza Safinia “Surya” (Yin, Music & Texture, 2021)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1158]

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New music from DJ GIRL, OCTA OCTA, DUTCHIE, DAVIS GALVIN + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN. We continue to dedicate March programs as a showcase for women (including trans & non-binary) in electronic music + DJ culture, as inspired by Smartbar Chicago’s annual DAPHNE series. BILL begins the first hour with drum n bass, followed by house, dubstep, grime + breakbeat sounds. WIDMAN flows into the second hour in a similar vein of bass music, techno + electro, before moving into a short segment of avante dnb + closing out with dreamy house. [aired 11 March 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Bored Lord “Something I Need to Say” Not On Label, 2020
Kyrist “Looped” Not On Label, 2020
Flava D “Desert Lights” Hospital Records, 2020
Mizeyesis “Call To The Ancestors” Repertoire, 2020
33EMYBW “Coupling” SVBKVLT, 2020
A Hundred Drums “Reminiscence” Not On Label, 2020
Ikonika “Hollow” Not On Label, 2020
Octo Octa “Find Your Way Home” T4T LUV NRG, 2021
Bored Lord “We Used to Party” Not On Label, 2020
DRTY HBTZ “Me N My Speakaz” Duploc, 2020
Sicaria Sound “Lour” Not On Label, 2021
Quoma “Don’t Touch” Defy Culture, 2020
NotLö “Creeper” Not On Label, 2021
EVA808 “No Rivals” Innamind Recordings, 2020
Flava D “Plate” Not On Label, 2020
Maya Q “Belief” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
DJ Girl “Untitled” (SLSK TRAX) Planet Euphorique, 2021

Dutchie “Changes” (Not on label, 2021)
Hodge “Lanacut (Shanti Celeste Remix)” (Remixes In Blue, Houndstooth, 2020)
JASSS “Turbo Olé” (Whities 027, 2020)
Kamila Govorcin “eqing” (pocas palabras, 2020)
Beatrice Dillon “Workaround Eight” (Workaround, PAN, 2020)
AYA “DaRE u to sour lips with me” (Alterity, Houndstooth, 2020)
Ciel “Galapagos” (No Justice No Peace, 2020)
Davis Galvin “Vetisone {2627 C}” (Errenia, 2021)
Hyph11E “Get Out From Under” (Aperture, SVBKVLT, 2020)
Avalon Emerson “One Long Day Till I See You Again” (40, 2020)
Carly Barton “Snail Method” (Forage. Dispoable Commodities, 2021)
Ayesha “Clarity” (Natural Phenomena, Kindergarten, 2020)
Tomu DJ “apricot” (Fruit 2, Side Chick, 2021)
Aurora Halal “Sleep Distortion” (Shapeshifter, Mutual Dreaming, 2015)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1155]

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Guest mix from SUBVERB + new music from FIESTA SOUNDSYSTEM, KESSLER, TERNION SOUND + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL begins the program with a mix of mid-tempo breakbeat + breakstep, with a bit of UK garage + grime flavor. Special guest SUBVERB follows with a diverse mix of drum n bass sounds, ranging from minimal + contemplative half-step to techstep rollers + raucous rinse-outs. SUBVERB is a long-time fixture in the Chicago bass-scene + resident with the DNBID + Proper Chicago crews. [aired 18 February 2021 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Fiesta Soundsystem “Foundation” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Sharpson “Skinny Mysterio” Choki Biki, 2021
DJ Plead “Going For It” Livity Sound, 2020
Kessler “Kwaku” Shall Not Fade, 2021
Doctor Nick “Squelch” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Wen “Swerv” GD4YA, 2020
Ahadadream “Melty” R&S Records, 2019
Ternion Sound “There is A Cost” Manuka, 2021
Trudge “From Sorrow To Darkness” 1Ø Pills Mate, 2019
Martyn “One Eye” 3024, 2019
object blue & TSVI “Turing Machine” Nervous Horizon, 2020
Hooverian Blur “Old Gold” Sneaker Social Club, 2020
Hi5ghost “Long Way Home” Cutcross, 2020
Ikonika “Terminus” Not On Label, 2020
Skee Mask “Play Ha” Ilian Tape, 2019
El-B “Son De Cali” Soul Motive, 2009
Interplanetary Criminal “Bronze” Warehouse Rave, 2020

Secret Space – Displaced Paranormals & No Rules (Inception Audio)
Arty Fellows(DJ Clart Remix) – MSDOS (Liquid Drops)
Justified(Spectrasoul Remix) – Commix (Metalheadz)
Glow – Kimyan Law (Blu Mar Ten Music)
Bullying – Waeys & Was A Be (Critical Music)
System – Gerra & Stone (Shogun Audio)
Drifted – Satl (North Quarter)
3rd Eye – Mikal & Visionobi (Metalheadz)
Nevermind It – Ed:It (Shogun Audio)
Tequila – Jam Thieves (Jungle Cakes)
Infatuate – Koherent (Shogun Audio)
Informer(Xtrah Remix) – Phentix & Signal (Cyberfunk)
Road To Enlightenment – Actraiser (Celsius Recordings)
Summer Breeze – Kontrast (Lockdown Recordings)
A Taste Of Your Touch – Geeks feat. Afia (Soul Deep Digital)
Still A Soldier – Dawn Raid, Jinx & K Jah (Natty Dub Recordings)
Typical Description(Calibre Remix) – BCee & David Boomah (Spearhead Records)
Be There – Calicre & DRS (Intergral Records)
Low Notes – Mikal (Dust Audio)
Tactical Rail – Gremlinz (Hosptital)
External Reality(Om Unit Remix) – Seba (Secret Operations)
Egg Box – Taelimb & Fearful (Flexout Audio)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1152]

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New music from BICEP, KOBE JT & PARA, JOHN TEJADA, SYNPAL + MARTIN GORE on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL mixes new UK garage/2 step with a few classics for the first hour. HENRY follows with synth, dub + jazz downtempo, before taking off with breakbeat + acid techno to close out the second hour.

[aired 28 January 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Call Super “Every Mouth Teeth Missing” Incienso, 2020
Interplanetary Criminal “Pose Up Kill Dem” Warehouse Rave, 2020
Izco “Local” Not On Label, 2020
El-B & Juiceman “R U Ready” El-Breaks, 2001
Sky Joose “Garage Bunnies” (Holloway Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2020
Ghost “Buck & Bury” Ghost, 2002
DJ Madd “Run Tune” Unchained Recordings, 2020
Kobe JT & Para “Crew” Not On Label, 2021
Highrise “Feedback” (Sly Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2020
Gemi “Let Me Tell” Not On Label, 2020
Para “WTF” (Radio Edit) Not On Label, 2020
El-Tuff “2-3-Bass” 2tuf 4u Records, 2002
Highrise “B2” (Swings & Roundabouts Vol 3) White Labels, 2020
Kachina “Code Green” Migration Recordings, 2020
Synpal “Reiki” Smokin Sessions, 2021
Pugilist “Regrowth” DEXT Recordings, 2020
Al Wootton “JL” (Priori Sharp Tool Mix) Trule, 2020

Cut Copy “Rain” (Freeze, Melt, Cutters, 2020)
Andras “Honeybird” (Joyful, Beats In Space, 2020)
Com Truise “Compress–Fuse” (In Decay, Too, Ghostly International, 2020)
John Tejada “The Haunting of Earth” (Year of the Living Dead, Kompakt, 2021)
Poppy Ajudha “Watermelon Man” (Blue Note Revisited, Blue Note, 2020)
The Midnight “The Search for Ecco” (Monsters, Counter, 2020)
Westcliffe “Universe” (Distrokid, 2020)
Bicep “Sundial” (Isles, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Rebūke “Rattle” (Drumcode, 2019)
Rebūke & Alan Fitzpatrick “Ultimate Distortion” (We Are the Brave, 2020)
Denham Audio “Feel the Panic” (Lobster Theremin, 2020)
TSHA feat. Gabrielle Aplin “Change” (Flowers, Ninja Tune, 2020)
Wayward “Back to the Old Days” (Silver Bear, 2020)
Martin Gore “Mandrill” (The Third Chimpanzee EP, Mute, 2021)

EMP Radio Demo Derby 16

Live stream hosted by EMP Radio

Abstract Science Radio [AS1146]

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Abstract Science Radio Best of 2020

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BEST OF 2020 part 1, featuring CYGNUS, HOOVERSOUND RECORDINGS, HUERTA, IKONIKA, KRUST, LOKUA, MR. MITCH , SAM BINGA, THROWING SNOW, WALTON + many more, on the first of two ABSTRACT SCIENCE year-in-review podcasts. Co-hosts CHRIS WIDMAN + BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B mix 2 diverse hours of future music favorites from 2020 [aired 03 December 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago].

96 Back “Mutual Fireworks Lateral” (ADRISM, 2020)
Wagon Christ “Alright” (Recepticon, People of Rhythm, 2020)
Mr. Mitch “Stinky Leg” (Patrimony, 2020)
Lokua “963 Hz” (Upswing, 2020)
El-B “Brixton 2 Croydon” (GD4YA, 2020)
Robert Hood “The Struggle” (M-Plant, 2020)
Special Request “Polymorphic” (In Order To Care, R&S, 2020)
Djoser “Alumen” (Secret Greeting EP, 3024, 2020)
Ikonika “Your Body ” (Bodies, Don’t Be Afraid, 2020)
Clap! Clap! “Blue Flower” (Liquid Portraits, Black Acre, 2020)
Monolake “Alu Minimum” (Archaeopteryx, Imbalance Computer Music, 2020)
HØST “3D PASSIVE” (SURVIVE, Hooversound, 2020)
Slikback “NOBORU” (///, 2020)
Sam Binga feat. Slay “Spinners feat. Slay” (Pineapple, 2020)
Deft “Burna” (Hooversound, 2020)
Phillip D Kick “Funk 160” (As We Continue (Astrophonica, 2020)
Krust “Hegel Dialect” (The Edge Of Everything, Crosstown Rebels, 2020)
Hudson Mohawke “Need U Here” (Poom Gems, Warp, 2020)

Fracture & Sam Binga “On Right Now” Astrophonica, 2020
Champion “Buy Two Copies” (Part Two) Butterz, 2020
Commodo “Loan Shark” Black Acre, 2020
Kahn & Neek “(Having A Sick Time) In The Mansions Of Bliss” Sector 7 Sounds, 2020
Lemzly Dale “Farewell” Pearly Whites, 2020
Biome x Hypho “Encoded” Manuka Records, 2020
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Clap Clap” AD 93, 2020
Bop x Subwave “Haze” Hospital Records, 2020
Walton “Djembe” Ilian Tape, 2020
Cygnus “Neon Flux” World Building, 2020
Huerta “All Wild Things Are Shy” Voyage Recordings, 2020
Throwing Snow “The Death Of Pragmatism” (Mako Remix) Houndstooth, 2020
Seba & Paradox “Hexagon” Metalheadz, 2020
Wreckless “Lloyd’s Building at Night” Dispatch Recordings, 2020
Phuture T ft Sofi Mari “Boomtown Jazz” Inperspective Records, 2020

Abstract Science Radio [AS1140]

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New music from HYPHO, DRUMSKULL, JAMES BLAKE, FORD. + more on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL focuses various styles–breakbeat, techno, juke, grime + wave–through a blunted mid-tempo bass music lens to begin the program. HENRY flips the head-down vibe for the second hour, with soulful + jazz sounds giving way to uplifting disco, house + techno.

[aired 05 November 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Raumskaya “Disrupted” Hyperboloid Records, 2019
Walton “The Bop” Not On Label, 2020
Hypho “Get A Job” Swamp 81, 2020
BSN Posse “Follow the rhythm (if u can)” Not On Label, 2019
Jana Rush “Break It” Objects Limited, 2017
Slikback “Zuhura” Hakuna Kulala, 2019
Kontext “Laying On The Ground” Leibniz, 2007
Drumskull “Braincleaner” Seagrave, 2020
Tusken Raiders “Sexy Sandpeople” Planet Mu, 1995
Jammin “Moving Differently” Bingo Bass, 2020
SNØW “Bleep Test” R&S Records, 2019
Kachina “Maasai Mara” Affectionate Grooves, 2018
TMSV “An Endless Loop” Not On Label, 2020
Plastician “Photons” Terrorhythm, 2018
Synkro “Images” (Sieren Remix) Apollo Records, 2020

James Blake “Before” (Before, Republic, 2020)
The Vision feat. Andreya Triana & Ben Westbeech “Missing” (Defected, 2020)
Marcos Valle / Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad ‎”Our Train” (Jazz Is Dead 3, Jazz Is Dead, 2020)
Mike Salta “Hey Moloko” (Music for Dreams, 2018)
Zero 7 feat. Lou Stone “Outline” (Shadows, Make/BMG, 2020)
Kevin Morby “Velvet Highway” (Sundowner, Dead Oceans, 2020)
ford. “Canvas” (The Color of Nothing, Foreign Family Collective, 2020)
Tensnake “Simpansi” (L.A., True Romance/Armada, 2020)
Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. Jamie Principle “Your Love” (Alan Dixon Remix) (So Sure, 2020)
Luke Slater’s 7th Plain “Seeing Sense” (The 4 Cornered Room, General Production, 1994)
Khruangbin “Summer Madness” (Late Night Tales, Late Night Tales, 2020)
Gorillaz “Taxi Back to 80’s Reykjavik” (Song Machine Season One, Parlophone/Warner, 2020)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1137]

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New music from COCO BRYCE, HARMONY, CUT COPY + KHOTIN on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast hosted by WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN + HENRY SELF. BILL mixes a focused first hour of new + classic jungle/drum n bass. For the second hour, HENRY ties together a range of genres + tempos with an arpeggiated synth motif. [aired 15 October 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Coco Bryce “Deep Into The Jungle” Lobster Theremin, 2020
Fauzia “Berceuse” Not On Label, 2020
Digital “Touch Me (95 Agony Mix)” Timeless Recordings, 1995
Octave One “Technology” 31 Records, 1994
Da Intalex “What Ya Gonna Do” Flex Records, 1994
Tim Reaper “Make It Real” Lobster Theremin, 2020
Fracture “Feel 4 U” 1985 Music, 2019
Yazzus “Dreamwalker” Worst Behavior, 2020
Om Unit “Long Summer” Submerged, 2020
Stenny “Detraction” Ilian Tape, 2019
Fiesta Soundsystem “10am Ruins” Shall Not Fade, 2020
Special Request “Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)” Houndstooth, 2019
Harmony “Ever More” Deep Jungle, 2020

Cut Copy “Stop, Horizon” (Freeze, Melt, Cutters, 2020)
Krystal Klear “Genesis” (Cyclia Two, Running Back, 2020)
Rheinzand “Fourteen Again” (Rheinzand, Music for Dreams, 2020)
Nihiloxica “Busoga” (Kaloli, Crammed Discs, 2020)
Khotin “Ivory Tower” (Finds You Well, Ghostly International, 2020)
Alewya “Sweating” (London, 2020)
Daniel Avery + Alessandro Cortini “Illusion of Time” (Illusion of Time, Mute/Phantasy Sound, 2020)
Yppah “High Pines” (Sunset In the Deep End, Future Archive, 2020)
Kelly Lee Owens “Jeanette” (Inner Song, Smalltown Supersound, 2020)
Rone “Nouveau Monde” (Room With a View, Infiné, 2020‎)
TSHA “Sister” (Flowers, Ninja Tune, 2020)
Prospa “Ecstasy (Over & Over)” (Rave Science, 2020)
India Jordan “I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)” (For You, Local Action, 2020)

Abstract Science Live Stream #6

Abstract Science Radio [AS1133]

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New music from 214, ANZ, DANIEL AVERY, AL WOOTON + SLIKBACK on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN, CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF in the mix. BILL begins the program with an electro-inspired hour, combining contemporary versions of the classic sound with bits of breakbeat + grime. For the second hour, WIDMAN follows with emotive selections, moving through house, dub, uk garage + breakbeat rave revivals. HENRY closes out the extended podcast with a diverse set of downtempo, jazz, disco, acid house + psych sounds.

[aired 10 + 17 September 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

214 “this one’s for rexing” Klakson, 2020
Anz “Gary Mission” Hessle Audio, 2020
ERP “ZRX” Frustrated Funk, 2019
Delay Grounds “Stompy” Pressure Dome, 2020
Drum Thing “Space Hulk” Scuffed Recordings, 2020
Lobby “Feint” Super Kitchen, 2020
Lithe “Yaya” Not On Label, 2020
BFTT “Lokt” Polity Records, 2020
Darqwan “Three Note Blue” Hospital Records, 2003
Lone “Dragonrush” R&S Records, 2020
The Advent “This Is Not” Cultivated Electronics, 2020
Drexciya “Wavejumper” (Aqualung Version) Clone Aqualung Series, 2015
Cygnus “Neon Flux” World Building, 2020
Morphology “Binary Star” Firescope, 2020

Ital Tek “Leaving The Grid” (Outland, Planet Mu, 2020)
Daniel Avery “Lone Swordsman” (Dusting for Smoke, 2020)
Legowelt “Backwoods Fantasies” (Sark Island Acid, L.I.E.S., 2011)
Seven Davis Jr “NoRules” (Sev Was Here 1+2, 2020)
V.I.V.E.K “Galactic” (Different Sound, 2019)
Hodge “Sense Inversion” (Shadows In Blue, Houndstooth, 2020)
FAUZIA “INSURRECTION” (Fragments, 2020)
Neil Landstrumm “Doberman” (Doberman EP, Lobster 2020)
Al Wootton “Lerzin” (Snake Dance E.P., Livity Sound, 2020)
Pearson Sound “Alien Mode” (Alien Mode EP, Hessle Audio, 2020)
Fracture “GETTIN DIS PAPR” (In Order To Care, R&S, 2020)
Pessimist “Ridge Racer Revolution” (Ilian Tape, 2020)
BENTON “Third Wish” (Third Wish, 2020)
Slikback “FAZA” (///, 2020)

Boards of Canada “1969” (Geogaddi, Warp, 2002)
Phoenix “1901” (sayCet RMX) (soundcloud.com/saycet, 2009)
Childish Gambino “3005” (okokko remix) (soundcloud.com/okokko, 2017)
One Tongue “1945” (No Doubt, YAYA, 1990)
Gregory Porter “1960 What?” (Wicked Jazz Sounds Edit) (Motéma, 2010)
Chris E Pants “1981” (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Mix) (File Under Disco, 2014)
Yeasayer “2080” (All Hour Cymbals, We Are Free, 2007)
Nosaj Thing “2222” (Drift, Alpha Pup, 2009)
Deru “1979” (1979, Friends of Friends, 2004)
Crystal Castles “1991” (Indyans Remix) (indyans.bandcamp.com, 2016)
Miss Kittin “1993 Eacid” (Truncate Remix) (Zone, 2018)
Chet Faker “1998” (Scuola Furano Baleacid Edit) (soundcloud.com/scuola-furano, 2014)
The Gil Evans Orchestra “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)” (Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix, RCA, 1974)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1129]

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Machinedrum & Holly “Bramble” Vision Recordings, 2020
EVA808 “2CI” Not On Label, 2020
L U C Y “Ghost” SZNS7N, 2019
Osheyack “Mutual Shaping” SVBKVLT, 2020
Walton “Tek Breath Riddim” Ilian Tape, 2020
Sully “Assembly 1” Keysound Recordings, 2017
CREEP N00M “Daisho” Tormented Audio, 2020
Cesco “Bomba” 1985 Music, 2020
J Sparrow “Monochrome” Navy Cut, 2020
Commodo “Loan Shark” Black Acre, 2020
Dubmonger “Dutty Barracudas” (Saltwater Junction Mix) Not On Label, 2020
Basic Rhythm “Nuh Ramp” Planet Mu, 2019
Slikback “Shell” Hakuna Kulala, 2019
Starkey “Bang” Eat the Bomb, 2019
Patrick Brian “Bell Tune” Not On Label, 2020
Logos “Eska” (Ossia Remix) Berceuse Heroique, 2019
Gatekeeper “Tomb” Skull Disco, 2006
Thelem “Grainform” Artikal Music, 2013
Oddkut “Spiral” Not On Label, 2020

Gil Scott-Heron “I’ll Take Care of You” (We’re New Again – A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven, XL, 2020)
Moodymann “Do Wrong” (Taken Away, KDJ, 2020)
K-Lone “Cape Cira” (Cape Cira, Wisdom Teeth, 2020)
The Orb “Shape Shifters (In Two Parts)” (Coffee & Ghost Train Mix) (Abolition of the Royal Familia, Cooking Vinyl, 2020)
Roy Ayers, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad “Hey Lover” (Jazz Is Dead 2, Jazz Is Dead, 2020)
Omar-S feat. John FM “Second Life” (You Want, FXHE, 2020)
Dubfire feat. Carl Craig and Kate Elsworth “Lotus” (Crosstown Rebels, 2020)
Ten Ven “Full 100” (Sound of Mind Vol. 3, Future Disco, 2020)
DJ City “Eating Myself” (Public Possession, 2020)
Pale Blue “Breathe” (Lauren Flax Remix) (2MR, 2020)
Cross Island “East of the Apple” (Al Kent Remix) (Kalita, 2020)


Abstract Science Radio [AS1126]

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New music from BOP X SUBWAVE, ANUNAKU + DJ PLEAD, SHADOW CHILD, ALAN DIXON + DANIEL AVERY on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. For the first hour, BILL focuses on new UK garage, 2 step + breakbeat sounds. HENRY follows with peak-time house anthems to get your hands in the air for the second hour. [aired 30 July 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Bop x Subwave “Haze” Hospital Records, 2020
Interplanetary Criminal “Oh La La” Time Is Now, 2020
Dream Cycle “Told You” Sneaker Social Club, 2019
Zed Bias “Neighbourhood” (instrumental) Not On Label, 1999
Horsepower Productions “Classic Deluxe” (El-B Remix) GD4YA, 2019
Gemi “93_laserdome” Not On Label, 2020
Basement Jaxx “Bang Your Head” (dub version) XL, 2020
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Clap Clap” AD 93, 2020
Walton “Djembe” Ilian Tape, 2020
Jubilee “Let Go” Mixpak, 2019
Tessela “Helter Skelter” Poly Kicks, 2013
Hypho “Very Last Time” 81, 2020
Holloway “Evanition” Instinct, 2020
Huerta “All Wild Things Are Shy” Voyage Recordings, 2020

Shadow Child “Mars” (Apollo 2, Armada Electronic Elements, 2020)
Adelphi Music Factory “Uprising (I Can’t Wait)” (Beat Factory, 2020)
Alan Dixon “Acid Drop” (Piano Drop EP, Running Back, 2020)
Loods “Pure Bliss Meltdown” (Steel City Dance Discs, 2020)
Monki, DJ Rae “I’m Free to Love You” (Toolroom, 2020)
Willaris. K feat. Paul Mac “Full Circle” (Full Noise EP, Astralwerks, 2020)
Daniel Avery “Darlinnn” (Love + Light, Phantasy Sound, 2020)
Steve Kelley “Bruneck” (Sublease, 2020)
Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick “Sundancing” (Hot Creations, 2020)
Yaeji “Waking Up Down” (What We Drew, XL, 2020)
The Midnight “The Search for Ecco” (Monsters, Counter, 2020)
Big Black Delta “Sunday” (4, Master of Bates, 2020)
Apparat “Bad Kingdom” (Lulu’s Version) (Soundtracks: Stay Still, It’s Complicated, 2020)


Abstract Science Radio [AS1123]

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new music from PINCH, OYUBI, SCUBA, THE ORB + BICEP on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL features new footwork, drum n bass, jungle + bass music sounds, peppered with a few classics, for the first hour. For the second hour, HENRY revisits 90s trance + chill-out vibes, updated for 2020. [aired 09 July 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

DJ Manny “Lift Me Up” Not On Label, 2020
Fracture & Sam Binga “On Right Now” Astrophonica, 2020
Oyubi “Oh Yeah” Not On Label, 2020
TEEP “Fenix_514” Not On Label, 2019
HomeSick “Closer” Not On Label, 2020
Samurai Breaks “Xclusiv” Off Me Nut, 2020
Wiley “Eskimo” (DJ Absurd Edit) Not On Label, 2020
Bloom “Quartz” (Slackk Remix) Gobstopper, 2012
Om Unit “Righteousness VIP” Cosmic Bridge, 2020
Sully “Flock” Astrophonica, 2015
BSN Posse “Pentium II 200 Mhz” (A Song To Elia) Hyperboloid, 2016
Champion “Buy Two Copies” (Part Two) Butterz, 2020
Omni Trio “Feel Better” (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow, 1993
Photek “The Water Margin” Science, 1998
Proc Fiskal “Hello Boss” Cosmic Bridge, 2018
Pinch “Non-Terrestrial Forms” Tectonic, 2020
Dissident “Release Me From Space” (Oak Remix) Microfunk, 2020

Scuba “This Is For You” (Hotflush, 2020)
Alan Fitzpatrick “Reflections” (Reprise) (Bedrock, 2009)
Orbital “Belfast/Wasted” (Wasted Vocal Mix) (Volume Three, Volume, 1992)
Steve Hauschildt “Already Replaced” (Tragedy & Geometry, Kranky, 2011)
The Orb “Slave Til You Die, No Matter What You Buy In Dub” (Imflamable Air Mix) (Abolition of the Royal Familia, Cooking Vinyl, 2020)
Dubtribe “Sunshine’s Theme” (Sunshine’s Remix) (Selene Songs, Organico, 1995)
Slow Hands “Rhabarbarum” (Future Classic DJs Compilation, Future Classic, 2012)
Kodomo “Endless Waves” (Patterns & Light, Kodomo, 2014)
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge feat. Kathrin DeBoer “Trust” (Christian Löffler Revision) (Emergence Remixed, Mesh, 2017)
Blank & Jones “Homesick” (Chilltronica Nº3, Soundcolours, 2011)
Moby “The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders” (Elektra, 1993)
Taragana Pyjarama feat. Kicki Halmos “Growing Forehead” (Tipped Bowls, Kompakt, 2012)
Bicep ‎”Atlas” (Ninja Tune, 2020)
Jam and Spoon “‎Stella” (Kölsch Remix) (IPSO, 2019)
Carl Craig ‎“A Wonderful Life” (Landcruising, Blanco Y Negro, 1995)
Humate “3.2” (Bedrock Ambient Mix) (Platipus, 1998)
Guy Gerber & Dixon “No Distance” (Coco Vocal Edit) (Rumors, 2014)
Underworld “Beautiful Burnout” (Oblivion With Bells, Side One, 2007)
Alan Dixon “Ambient Braindisk” (La Danza EP, Running Back, 2019)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1121] w/ dr0wng.

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dr0wng. guest mix + new music from FLAVA D and BABY T on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, focused on women + non-binary artists in electronic music. BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B mixes drum n’ bass for the first hour, with selections loosely inspired by Duncan Winslow’s “Women in Drum & Bass: 20 Producers you NEED to know”. For the second hour, special guest dr0wng, delivers a low-slung mix of grime, dubstep, deconstructed club + soundcloud rap. dr0wng aka RIGLOW has been a fixture in the Chicago bass music scene since 2011. This podcast was intended to be released in late March, but was delayed because of technical issues with our website, now redesigned. [aired 19 March 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM CHICAGO]


Sweetpea “Torn” Hospital Records, 2019
Kyrist “Bad Omen” Dispatch Recordings, 2019
Stay-C “Territory” Not On Label, 2019
Dilemma “Binary” Skankandbass, 2016
Liz E “The Underground” Smokin Riddims, 2015
A.Fruit “Be Careful With The Clouds” Microfunk Music, 2018
Flava D “Mesmerise” Hospital Records, 2020
Euphonique “Smokeable” Born On Road Records, 2019
Nvrsoft “Temptation” Audioporn, 2019
Mantra “Nocturne” RuptureLDN, 2018
Alion “Hard Times For Dreamers” Totally Roasted, 2017
Miss Redflower “Oceanic” Genome Records, 2017
Djinn “Shadows” Foundation X, 2015
Baby T “Porta” Samurai Music, 2020


lemna – thusness
—iskeletor – wot
yung skrrt – codematch
dr0wng – dredge
orochi – balao
night lovell – let me die
wrcktngl – defrost
hypho – round ere
mc fioti – bum bum o tam tam
florentino – na fuga
donae’o – vancouver
mule – attitude fraud
you must dance
skepta – no sleep
dr0wng – arid
rabit – so clean
jook – rolling in his gave
millie & andrea – temper tantrum
kahn & neek – got my ting
— yxng bane – slip n slide
adam – cusp
dr0wng – fine
shaybo – anger
eva808 – prrrr
awe – jurassic
swimful – nailz
fizzler – minimum wage
yxng bane – gang sh*t
—visionist – snakebite
ksi ft jme – pull up
kwengface – twix

Abstract Science Radio [AS1118]

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JOSHUA kicks off the show with psychedelic/contemporary jazz + instrumental hip hop, focusing on artists from Chicago, Los Angeles, the UK + STONES THROW/MADLIB related productions, before moving into a tribute for the legendary UK DJ/producer ANDREW WEATHERALL, who died in February. For the second part of the show, BILL turns in a mid-tempo mix of UK club, broken techno, breakbeat, grime + garage sounds. HENRY closes things out with an emotive mix of house, disco, indie/electronica + downtempo boogie. [aired 20 + 27 February 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

The Heliocentrics “Venom” Infinity of Now, Madlib Invazion, 2020
Antoine Berjeaut & Makaya McCraven “Sci-Fi” Moving Cities, I See Colors, 2019
Rejoicer “Song for the Spirit Fights” Spiritual Sleaze, Stones Throw, 2020
Jamael Dean “Olokun” Black Space Tapes, Stones Throw, 2019
Yussef Dayes “Othello” Duality, Good Grief Inc, 2020
Gil Scott Heron & Makaya McCraven “I’m New Here” We’re New Again – A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven, XL Recordings, 2020
Yesterday’s New Quintet “Rugged Tranquility” Angles Without Edges, Stones Throw, 2001
Jeff Parker “Gnarciss” Suite for Max Brown, International Anthem, 2020
Madlib “Cataracts” (Instrumental) Bandana Beats, Madlib Invazion, 2020
— Andrew Weatherall Tribute Set —
Primal Scream “Come Together” (Weatherall mix) Columbia, 1990
Saint Etienne “Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall mix) Columbia, 2002
Hardway Brothers “Mania Theme” (Andrew Weatherall mix) Is It Balearic?, 2012
The Asphodells “A Love from Outer Space (version 2)” Ruled by Passion, Destroyed by Lust, Rotters Golf Club, 2012
Two Lone Swordsmen “The Lurch” From the Double Gone Chapel, Warp, 2004
Friendly Fires & The Asphodells “Velo” Telophase, 2014

Biome x Hypho “Encoded” Manuka Records, 2020
Anunaka “Stargate” 3024, 2020
Two Shell “Run” Livity Sound, 2019
Lone “Abraxas” Ancient Astronauts, 2019
TMSV “Clouds pt 2” Not On Label, 2020
object blue “Neo Noir” Nervous Horizon, 2019
Untold “Doff” Hemlock Black, 2015
Gage “Telo” Crazylegs, 2014
Walton “Scooped” Tectonic, 2020
Hybris “Lost Wallet” Pseudoscience Recordings, 2018
Phaeleh “Unity” Undertow, 2020
Kontext “Plumes (Version II)” Leibniz, 2007
Raumskaya “tv252” Hyperboloid Records, 2020
Logos “Dust” Berceuse Heroique, 2019

Alan Dixon “Ambient Braindisk” La Danza EP, Running Back, 2019
Perfume Genius “Eye in the Wall” The Sun Still Burns Here, Matador, 2019
Tim Hecker “Transitive Refraction Axis for John Oswald” Day of the Dead, 4AD, 2016
Daniel Stefanik “Entrance” Confidence, Cocoon, 2012
Code Walk feat. Smerz “Guess What” Doubler, Ex Local, 2017
Lonely C “True (Cake n’ Eat It Too)” (FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix) Charles & Tribulations (Remixes), Soul Clap, 2019
Poolside “Low Season” Low Season, Pacific Standard, 2020
Tame Impala “Breathe Deeper” The Slow Rush, Interscope, 2020
Wajatta “Tonight” Don’t Let Get You Down, Brainfeeder, 2020
Special Request “Phosphorescence” Bedroom Tapes, Houndstooth, 2019
Tuff City Kids “Edlost” #savefabric, Fabric, 2016
Alan Dixon “Ambient Braindisk” (Drums Mix) One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer Part 1, Running Back, 2019