Abstract Science Radio [AS1126]

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New music from BOP X SUBWAVE, ANUNAKU + DJ PLEAD, SHADOW CHILD, ALAN DIXON + DANIEL AVERY on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. For the first hour, BILL focuses on new UK garage, 2 step + breakbeat sounds. HENRY follows with peak-time house anthems to get your hands in the air for the second hour. [aired 30 July 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Bop x Subwave “Haze” Hospital Records, 2020
Interplanetary Criminal “Oh La La” Time Is Now, 2020
Dream Cycle “Told You” Sneaker Social Club, 2019
Zed Bias “Neighbourhood” (instrumental) Not On Label, 1999
Horsepower Productions “Classic Deluxe” (El-B Remix) GD4YA, 2019
Gemi “93_laserdome” Not On Label, 2020
Basement Jaxx “Bang Your Head” (dub version) XL, 2020
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Clap Clap” AD 93, 2020
Walton “Djembe” Ilian Tape, 2020
Jubilee “Let Go” Mixpak, 2019
Tessela “Helter Skelter” Poly Kicks, 2013
Hypho “Very Last Time” 81, 2020
Holloway “Evanition” Instinct, 2020
Huerta “All Wild Things Are Shy” Voyage Recordings, 2020

Shadow Child “Mars” (Apollo 2, Armada Electronic Elements, 2020)
Adelphi Music Factory “Uprising (I Can’t Wait)” (Beat Factory, 2020)
Alan Dixon “Acid Drop” (Piano Drop EP, Running Back, 2020)
Loods “Pure Bliss Meltdown” (Steel City Dance Discs, 2020)
Monki, DJ Rae “I’m Free to Love You” (Toolroom, 2020)
Willaris. K feat. Paul Mac “Full Circle” (Full Noise EP, Astralwerks, 2020)
Daniel Avery “Darlinnn” (Love + Light, Phantasy Sound, 2020)
Steve Kelley “Bruneck” (Sublease, 2020)
Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick “Sundancing” (Hot Creations, 2020)
Yaeji “Waking Up Down” (What We Drew, XL, 2020)
The Midnight “The Search for Ecco” (Monsters, Counter, 2020)
Big Black Delta “Sunday” (4, Master of Bates, 2020)
Apparat “Bad Kingdom” (Lulu’s Version) (Soundtracks: Stay Still, It’s Complicated, 2020)


Abstract Science Radio [AS1123]

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new music from PINCH, OYUBI, SCUBA, THE ORB + BICEP on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL features new footwork, drum n bass, jungle + bass music sounds, peppered with a few classics, for the first hour. For the second hour, HENRY revisits 90s trance + chill-out vibes, updated for 2020. [aired 09 July 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

DJ Manny “Lift Me Up” Not On Label, 2020
Fracture & Sam Binga “On Right Now” Astrophonica, 2020
Oyubi “Oh Yeah” Not On Label, 2020
TEEP “Fenix_514” Not On Label, 2019
HomeSick “Closer” Not On Label, 2020
Samurai Breaks “Xclusiv” Off Me Nut, 2020
Wiley “Eskimo” (DJ Absurd Edit) Not On Label, 2020
Bloom “Quartz” (Slackk Remix) Gobstopper, 2012
Om Unit “Righteousness VIP” Cosmic Bridge, 2020
Sully “Flock” Astrophonica, 2015
BSN Posse “Pentium II 200 Mhz” (A Song To Elia) Hyperboloid, 2016
Champion “Buy Two Copies” (Part Two) Butterz, 2020
Omni Trio “Feel Better” (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow, 1993
Photek “The Water Margin” Science, 1998
Proc Fiskal “Hello Boss” Cosmic Bridge, 2018
Pinch “Non-Terrestrial Forms” Tectonic, 2020
Dissident “Release Me From Space” (Oak Remix) Microfunk, 2020

Scuba “This Is For You” (Hotflush, 2020)
Alan Fitzpatrick “Reflections” (Reprise) (Bedrock, 2009)
Orbital “Belfast/Wasted” (Wasted Vocal Mix) (Volume Three, Volume, 1992)
Steve Hauschildt “Already Replaced” (Tragedy & Geometry, Kranky, 2011)
The Orb “Slave Til You Die, No Matter What You Buy In Dub” (Imflamable Air Mix) (Abolition of the Royal Familia, Cooking Vinyl, 2020)
Dubtribe “Sunshine’s Theme” (Sunshine’s Remix) (Selene Songs, Organico, 1995)
Slow Hands “Rhabarbarum” (Future Classic DJs Compilation, Future Classic, 2012)
Kodomo “Endless Waves” (Patterns & Light, Kodomo, 2014)
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge feat. Kathrin DeBoer “Trust” (Christian Löffler Revision) (Emergence Remixed, Mesh, 2017)
Blank & Jones “Homesick” (Chilltronica Nº3, Soundcolours, 2011)
Moby “The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders” (Elektra, 1993)
Taragana Pyjarama feat. Kicki Halmos “Growing Forehead” (Tipped Bowls, Kompakt, 2012)
Bicep ‎”Atlas” (Ninja Tune, 2020)
Jam and Spoon “‎Stella” (Kölsch Remix) (IPSO, 2019)
Carl Craig ‎“A Wonderful Life” (Landcruising, Blanco Y Negro, 1995)
Humate “3.2” (Bedrock Ambient Mix) (Platipus, 1998)
Guy Gerber & Dixon “No Distance” (Coco Vocal Edit) (Rumors, 2014)
Underworld “Beautiful Burnout” (Oblivion With Bells, Side One, 2007)
Alan Dixon “Ambient Braindisk” (La Danza EP, Running Back, 2019)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1121] w/ dr0wng.

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dr0wng. guest mix + new music from FLAVA D and BABY T on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, focused on women + non-binary artists in electronic music. BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B mixes drum n’ bass for the first hour, with selections loosely inspired by Duncan Winslow’s “Women in Drum & Bass: 20 Producers you NEED to know”. For the second hour, special guest dr0wng, delivers a low-slung mix of grime, dubstep, deconstructed club + soundcloud rap. dr0wng aka RIGLOW has been a fixture in the Chicago bass music scene since 2011. This podcast was intended to be released in late March, but was delayed because of technical issues with our website, now redesigned. [aired 19 March 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM CHICAGO]


Sweetpea “Torn” Hospital Records, 2019
Kyrist “Bad Omen” Dispatch Recordings, 2019
Stay-C “Territory” Not On Label, 2019
Dilemma “Binary” Skankandbass, 2016
Liz E “The Underground” Smokin Riddims, 2015
A.Fruit “Be Careful With The Clouds” Microfunk Music, 2018
Flava D “Mesmerise” Hospital Records, 2020
Euphonique “Smokeable” Born On Road Records, 2019
Nvrsoft “Temptation” Audioporn, 2019
Mantra “Nocturne” RuptureLDN, 2018
Alion “Hard Times For Dreamers” Totally Roasted, 2017
Miss Redflower “Oceanic” Genome Records, 2017
Djinn “Shadows” Foundation X, 2015
Baby T “Porta” Samurai Music, 2020


lemna – thusness
—iskeletor – wot
yung skrrt – codematch
dr0wng – dredge
orochi – balao
night lovell – let me die
wrcktngl – defrost
hypho – round ere
mc fioti – bum bum o tam tam
florentino – na fuga
donae’o – vancouver
mule – attitude fraud
you must dance
skepta – no sleep
dr0wng – arid
rabit – so clean
jook – rolling in his gave
millie & andrea – temper tantrum
kahn & neek – got my ting
— yxng bane – slip n slide
adam – cusp
dr0wng – fine
shaybo – anger
eva808 – prrrr
awe – jurassic
swimful – nailz
fizzler – minimum wage
yxng bane – gang sh*t
—visionist – snakebite
ksi ft jme – pull up
kwengface – twix

Abstract Science Live Stream #4

Abstract Science Live Stream #3

Abstract Science Live Stream #2

Abstract Science Live Stream #1

CHRIS WIDMAN + WHOA-B broadcast a special edition of the radio show from their homes

DOPPLEREFFEKT “Mandelbrot Set” Cellular Automata, Leisure System, 2017
arovane ”endolp” Gestalt, Puremagnetik, 2020
apollo in realtime/apollo 13 “houston we have a problem”
Alexander Aultman “Sunbeam Artifact” Minor Joy, 2020
FaltyDL “Tripping” Recluse Let Loose, Blueberry, 2020
Shalt “Unlast” Ochre Flood, Astral Plane, 2020
Millia Rage “hopper7” self-release, 2020
PAN-AL “Quark” Pan-Al, Luft, 2019
Deadbeat ”Horns of Jericho” Eight, BLKRTZ, 2012
Sofia Kourtesis “Hollywood” Sarita Colonia, Studio Barnhus, 2019
Cygnus ”Temporary Feelings” The Oasis, biosoft, 2019
Overlook & Karim Maas “Chalk” Out of Practice Vol.1, Standards & Practices, 2020
autechre ”34.06_40.57” (Warp Tapes 89-93 Part 1) — cut for copyright issue
JK FLESH vs ECHOLOGIST “Fleshology 1” Echology Vol 1, Avalanche, 2020
Batu & Lurka “Curved (Bambounou Hyper Street Remix)” Curved, Fringe White
HAAi “Stop Looking At Me Swan” Systems Up, Windows Down, Mute, 2020
Addison Groove vs. Joel Deep “FOOTCRAB – JOEL DEEP 130 EDIT” -self-release
Chrissy “New Atlantis” New Atlantis, 17 steps, 2020
Charlotte de Witte “Unthoughtful (Kangding Ray Remix)” Vision EP, Figure, 2020
Shanti Celeste “Infinitas” Tangerine, Peach, 2019
Martyn “One Eye’ 3024, 2020
Happa “One Three Five” Blue, 2020
DOPPLEREFFEKT “Mandelbrot Set” Cellular Automata, Leisure System, 2017

Throwing Snow “The Death Of Pragmatism” (Mako Remix) Houndstooth, 2020
Special Request “10 Missed Calls For The Reload” Not On Label, 2019
Phuture T “Cold Sweat” Inperspective Records, 2017
The Invaderz “Roksteady” Invaderz Transmissions, 2001
Paradox “Toprock” Metalheadz, 2018
Wreckless “Lloyd’s Building at Night” Dispatch Recordings, 2020
Sully “Run” Uncertain Hour, 2019
Dissident “Pinguinopithecus” Hyperboloid Records, 2018
Kemal + Rob Data “Konspiracy” Cryptic Audio, 2020
Last Life “Gas Man” Samurai Music, 2018
Digital “Daylight Robbery” Function Records, 2002
Mahakala “The Exodus” Not On Label, 2018
Dylan “Retribution” Outbreak Records, 2000
Sully x Outer Heaven “Dream Sequence” Rupture, 2018
Seba & Paradox “Love or Death” Metalheadz, 2020
Wots My Code “Dubplate” (Total Science Remix) CIA, 2000
Dubmonger “Locrian Flashback” Not On Label, 2019
Alix Perez & Fracture “Archetype” 1985 Music, 2017
Limewax “Bathwater” L/B Recordings, 2008

Don’t Trust Humans @ Bourbon On Division

Don’t Trust Humans presents
Abstract Science DJs (Chris Widman + Whoa-B)
Christian J

Abstract Science Radio [AS1118]

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JOSHUA kicks off the show with psychedelic/contemporary jazz + instrumental hip hop, focusing on artists from Chicago, Los Angeles, the UK + STONES THROW/MADLIB related productions, before moving into a tribute for the legendary UK DJ/producer ANDREW WEATHERALL, who died in February. For the second part of the show, BILL turns in a mid-tempo mix of UK club, broken techno, breakbeat, grime + garage sounds. HENRY closes things out with an emotive mix of house, disco, indie/electronica + downtempo boogie. [aired 20 + 27 February 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

The Heliocentrics “Venom” Infinity of Now, Madlib Invazion, 2020
Antoine Berjeaut & Makaya McCraven “Sci-Fi” Moving Cities, I See Colors, 2019
Rejoicer “Song for the Spirit Fights” Spiritual Sleaze, Stones Throw, 2020
Jamael Dean “Olokun” Black Space Tapes, Stones Throw, 2019
Yussef Dayes “Othello” Duality, Good Grief Inc, 2020
Gil Scott Heron & Makaya McCraven “I’m New Here” We’re New Again – A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven, XL Recordings, 2020
Yesterday’s New Quintet “Rugged Tranquility” Angles Without Edges, Stones Throw, 2001
Jeff Parker “Gnarciss” Suite for Max Brown, International Anthem, 2020
Madlib “Cataracts” (Instrumental) Bandana Beats, Madlib Invazion, 2020
— Andrew Weatherall Tribute Set —
Primal Scream “Come Together” (Weatherall mix) Columbia, 1990
Saint Etienne “Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall mix) Columbia, 2002
Hardway Brothers “Mania Theme” (Andrew Weatherall mix) Is It Balearic?, 2012
The Asphodells “A Love from Outer Space (version 2)” Ruled by Passion, Destroyed by Lust, Rotters Golf Club, 2012
Two Lone Swordsmen “The Lurch” From the Double Gone Chapel, Warp, 2004
Friendly Fires & The Asphodells “Velo” Telophase, 2014

Biome x Hypho “Encoded” Manuka Records, 2020
Anunaka “Stargate” 3024, 2020
Two Shell “Run” Livity Sound, 2019
Lone “Abraxas” Ancient Astronauts, 2019
TMSV “Clouds pt 2” Not On Label, 2020
object blue “Neo Noir” Nervous Horizon, 2019
Untold “Doff” Hemlock Black, 2015
Gage “Telo” Crazylegs, 2014
Walton “Scooped” Tectonic, 2020
Hybris “Lost Wallet” Pseudoscience Recordings, 2018
Phaeleh “Unity” Undertow, 2020
Kontext “Plumes (Version II)” Leibniz, 2007
Raumskaya “tv252” Hyperboloid Records, 2020
Logos “Dust” Berceuse Heroique, 2019

Alan Dixon “Ambient Braindisk” La Danza EP, Running Back, 2019
Perfume Genius “Eye in the Wall” The Sun Still Burns Here, Matador, 2019
Tim Hecker “Transitive Refraction Axis for John Oswald” Day of the Dead, 4AD, 2016
Daniel Stefanik “Entrance” Confidence, Cocoon, 2012
Code Walk feat. Smerz “Guess What” Doubler, Ex Local, 2017
Lonely C “True (Cake n’ Eat It Too)” (FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix) Charles & Tribulations (Remixes), Soul Clap, 2019
Poolside “Low Season” Low Season, Pacific Standard, 2020
Tame Impala “Breathe Deeper” The Slow Rush, Interscope, 2020
Wajatta “Tonight” Don’t Let Get You Down, Brainfeeder, 2020
Special Request “Phosphorescence” Bedroom Tapes, Houndstooth, 2019
Tuff City Kids “Edlost” #savefabric, Fabric, 2016
Alan Dixon “Ambient Braindisk” (Drums Mix) One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer Part 1, Running Back, 2019

Abstract Science Radio [AS1116]

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new music from KEMAL, NICOLAS GODIN, MIKAL & MAKO, SEBA & PARAKOX, + WILLARIS. K on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. for the first hour, BILL mixes upfront drum n’ bass, including the first release in more than ten years from the legendary KEMAL. HENRY takes the second hour into moody house, downtempo, electro + disco. [aired 13 February 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Hybris “Big Wig” Pseudoscience Recordings, 2019
Loxy & Resound “The Silent Knight” Cylon Recordings, 2020
Mikal & Mako “Under The Earth” Utopia Music, 2019
Alix Perez & Fracture “Archetype” 1985 Music, 2017
Geiom “Melting Reels” Frijsfo Beats, 2012
Omni Trio “Byte Size Life” (Shimon Remix) Moving Shadow, 1999
Seba & Paradox “Hexagon” Metalheadz, 2020
Es.tereo “Floating Point” Cosmic Bridge, 2019
Submarine “Grunge” 1985 Music, 2019
dBridge & Skeptical “That’s Nice” Getahead Records, 2018
Rainforest “Squad Nights” Absys Records, 2017
Artilect “Hoax” Horizon Music, 2018
Kemal “Parabola” Cryptic Audio, 2020


Willaris. K “5 O’Clock” Astralwerks, 2020
Nicolas Godin “Concrete and Glass” Concrete and Glass, Because, 2020
Buraq “Anymore” IDon’t, Sublease, 2019
Jacques Greene “Stars” Dawn Chorus, LuckyMe, 2019
Bicep “Satisfy” (Brassica Remix) Feel My Bicep, 2014
Bonobo “Linked” Ninja Tune, 2019
Frameworks feat. Ben Williams “Coming Back” Imagine Gold, Loci, 2019
Smagghe & Cross “Sam & Jen” #savefabric Compilation, Houndstooth, 2016
zwischenFall “Flucht” Sandy Eyes, Dark Entries, 2016
Nzca/Lines “Compass Points” (Seams Remix) LoAF, 2012
Dirty Dave “Drowning Doubts” Sharkwaves Volume 2, Scion Audio/Visual, 2012
New Order “Ecstasy” Power Corruption & Lies, Factory, 1983

Decade in Future Music 2010-2019

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2010–2019: DECADE IN FUTURE MUSIC part 2, featuring AMON TOBIN, BLOOM, DJ RASHAD + DJ MANNY, FLYING LOTUS, FOUR TET, JAMES BLAKE, OM UNIT + SAM BINGA, TIM HECKER, TODD TERJE + many more on this special retrospective ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted + mixed by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. This is part 2 of a 3 part series looking back at our favorite selections from the past 10 years of innovative electronic music. [aired 23 January 2020 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]


Wiley x Zomby “Step 2001” (Instrumental) [Big Dada] 2015
D1 “Jus Business” [Dub Police] 2010
Mystry “Pulse 8” [Stripes] 2015
Thelem “Haunted Harmonics” [Artikal] 2014
Bloom “Quartz” [Gobstopper] 2012
P Jam vs Terror Danjah “Anger Management vs Morph” [Butterz] 2013
Trends & Boylan “Norman Bates” [Oil Gang] 2016
Kahn & Neek “Percy” [Bandulu] 2012
Amon Tobin “Lost & Found” [Ninja Tune] 2011
Dom & Roland “Outta Endz” [Metalheadz] 2013
Om Unit & Sam Binga “Transatlantic” [BUNIT] 2015
Raiden & Khanage “8798” [Voodoo] 2010
Loxy & Resound “Heritage” [CNVX] 2016
Homemade Weapons “Subcept (RIP)” [Weaponry] 2018
Synkro “Letting Go” (dBridge Remix) [Blackout] 2010
DJ Rashad & DJ Manny “Drums Please” [Hyperdub] 2013

Jai Paul “BTSTU” – XL – 2011
Flying Lotus “Galaxy In Janaki” – Cosmogramma – Warp – 2010
Grimes “Genesis” – Visions – 4AD – 2011
Caribou “Can’t Do Without You” – Our Love – Merge – 2014
Four Tet “Planet” – New Energy – Text – 2017
Jamie xx “Far Nearer” – Numbers. – 2011
Disclosure “Help Me Lose My Mind” (Larry Heard Remix) – Settle: The Remixes – Island – 2013
James Blake “The Wilhelm Scream” – James Blake – Atlas/Universal Republic – 2011
Tim Hecker “The Piano Drop” – Ravedeath, 1972 – Kranky – 2011
Darkside “Freak, Go Home” – Psychic – Other People/Matador – 2013
Chromatics “Cherry” – After Dark II – Italians Do It Better – 2013
Todd Terje “Inspector Norse” – It’s the Arps – Olsen – 2012

Plaid @ Sleeping Village

Metro Presents

Plaid @ Sleeping Village

w/ Steve Hauschildt & Abstract Science DJs

Plaid aftershow w/ Abstract Science DJs

Explore more future music following the Plaid show, with DJs Chris Widman, Joshua P Ferguson + Whoa-B from WLUW 88.7FM’s Abstract Science.

For more than 20 years, Abstract Science has showcased innovative electronic music and its roots with club residencies, special events + over 1100 weekly radio shows. Expect diverse selections for both the dancefloor + armchair, drawing heavily from midwest electronic + UK bass sounds.

In the MAIN BAR following Plaid at Sleeping Village!


Abstract Science Radio Best of 2019

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BEST OF 2019, featuring A.FRUIT, AIRMAX ’97, BARKER, FENNESZ, FLOATING POINTS, OCTA OCTA, SLIKBACK, SPECIAL REQUEST, SYNKRO, YAZZUS + many more, on the first of two ABSTRACT SCIENCE year-in-review podcasts. co-hosts CHRIS WIDMAN, BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF mix 3 diverse hours of future music favorites from 2019. [aired 5 December 2019 on WLUW-88.7FM Chicago]

Barker “Utility” (Utility, Ostgut Ton, 2019)
Skee Mask “Juug (Iss004, Ilian Tape, 2019)
Autechre “32.23_46.53” (Warp Tapes 89-93 Part 2, 2019)
Throwing Snow “Ideolog” (The Death of Pragmatism, Houndstooth, 2019)
Konx-om-Pax “Optimism Over Despair” (Ways Of Seeing, Planet Mu, 2019)
YAK “Wide Eye” (Termina, R&S, 2019)
Chrissy “Truth bomb feat. Colonel Abrams” (True Stories, Super Rhythm Trax, 2019)
Dan Curtin “Pay to Win” (District Omega EP, Bluemoog Music, 2019)
DJ Haus “See U in My Dreams (Lone Remix)” (See U in My Dreams, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019)
Special Request “Shepperton Moon Landing” (Offworld, Houndstooth, 2019)
Slikback and 33EMYBW “ZENO” (Slip A, Hakuna Kulala, 2019)
Air Max ’97 “Turgor” (Falling Not Walking, Decisions, 2019)
Goth Trad “Bloody Dice” (Knights Of The Black Table, Avalanche, 2019)
Scorn “Feather” (Ohm Resistance, 2019)

Synkro “Realize” [Apollo Records] 2019
Stenny “Stress Test” [Ilian Tape] 2019
Kamikaze Space Programme “Sparks” [Osiris Music] 2019
Tommy Four Seven “Radius” [47] 2019
Atsushi Izumi “Lansing” [The Collection Artaud] 2019
Alix Perez “Deep Six” [1985] 2019
Rainforest “The Foundation” [Backgrounds Music] 2019
Jook “Rolling In His Grave” [Sector 7 Sounds] 2019
Yazzus “She In Wonderland” [Not On Label] 2019
HomeSick “Burnout 2099” [Defrostatica Records] 2019
A.Fruit “Obsession” [Med School] 2019
Walton “Squelch” [Kaizen] 2019
Fracture “Hot Temptation” [Hot Source] 2019
Zero T “Bermuda” [31 Recordings] 2019
Alix Perez & Sabre “Solitary Native” [Shogun Audio] 2019
Homemade Weapons “Networth” [Samurai Music] 2019
Sully “Porcelain” [Uncertain Hour] 2019

Octo Octa “I Need You” – For Lovers – Technicolour
Thom Yorke “Runwayaway” – ANIMA – XL
Apparat “Heroist” – LP5 – Mute
Floating Points “Bias” – Crush – Ninja Tune
Skinny Pelembe “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” – Dreaming Is Dead Now – Brownswood
Brittany Howard “13th Century Metal” – Jaime – ATO
Aquarius TX “Sunset 17” – Monica Groove EP – Echovolt
Automatic “Highway” – Signal – Stones Throw
Chromatics “Light as a Feather” – Closer to Grey – Italians Do It Better
Fennesz “Agora” – Agora – Touch
CamelPhat X Jake Bugg “Be Someone” (Skream Remix) – RCA

Abstract Science Radio [AS1108] w/ A.Fruit

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A.FRUIT guest mix + new music from ANUNAKU, EPROM, + LONE, on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL showcases a range of bass-inflected sounds, touching on techno, grime, breakbeat, rave + drum n bass in the first hour. For the second hour, Russian DJ/producer A.FRUIT mixes drum n’ bass on the half-step/footwork/jungle axis. A.FRUIT has releases on Cosmic Bridge (“Earthbase” series), Med School, + Hyperboloid Records, and is the founder + host of the Moscow/Saint Petersburg “Get High On Bass” parties. [aired 14 November 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Pangaea “You Know What’s Up” [Hadal] 2018
East Man “Selector” [Hi Tek Sounds] 2019
Walton “Murdah” [Kaizen] 2019
Anunaka “Temples” [Whities] 2019
TSVI “Hossam” [Nervous Horizon] 2018
Eprom “Hope” [Deadbeats] 2019
Senking & DYL “Destroyed City Lights” [Detach Recordings] 2019
Joy O “Breathe In” [Hinge Finger] 2019
ASC “The Siren” [Samurai Music] 2019
Lone “Boketto” [Ancient Astronauts] 2019
Proc Fiskal “Death” [Cosmic Bridge] 2019
Surly “Fourteen” [Not On Label] 2019
Mad Zach “No Past Lives” [MethLab Recordings] 2019
Vern & Milla “Catch My Breath” [Keysound Recordings] 2019
Murlo “Limbo” (object blue’s Flashback) [Coil Records] 2019

Aagentah “9th”
Mel G & Nikes “Bounce” (A.Fruit Remix)
Sun People “More Fun”
Logos ft Mumdance “Zoned In”
Om Unit “Bleach”
Metafloor “Don’t Call Me Crazy”
A.Fruit “Three Six Nine”
A.Fruit “Days”
Baransu “IS” (Pessimist Remix)
Catnapp “Fight For a Fight” (A.Fruit Remix)
Хаски “Мармелад” (A.Fruit Remix)
Crypticz ft Amy Kisnorbo “Chrysalis”
Landlord’s House Coat “A Party For Urchins”
Sam Binga “A Mighty Quest”
DJ Spinn “Make Her Hot”
Mat The Alien x Magugu “Bambam” (Tamarak Remix)
Samurai Breaks “Pull Up”
Abstract Elements “Tenderness”
Hyroglifics “Cash Out”
Still “Shikorina” (Slikback Remix)
Anna Morgan x Kabuki ft Rider Shafique “Natural Vibe”

Abstract Science Radio [AS1104]

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new music from ZONAL (THE BUG + JUSTIN K BROADRICK), WALTON, SKEE MASK, HOLLOWAY + ARGOT MUSIC on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN in the mix. BILL begins the program with an hour set of UK garage + 2 step related selections. WIDMAN follows with an eclectic 2 hour mix, that moves from spacey IDM, dubstep, breakbeat + electro to techno, drum n bass, downtempo + drone. [originally aired 17 October + 11 November 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Walton “Rolla” [Ilian Tape] 2019
Holloway “Last Encounter” [Warehouse Rave] 2019
SP:MC “Vintage” [Sentry Records] 2019
Highrise “Untitled” [Not On Label] 2019
MJ Cole “Serotonin” [892 Recordings] 2019
Martyn “World Gate” [Ostgut Ton] 2018
Kode9 “Dislokated” [Rephlex] 2004
Captain Over “Tibs and Miranda” [No Hats No Hoods] 2019
Phaeleh “Chasing Saturn” [Undertow Music] 2018
Geode “Never Forget” [Chord Marauders] 2017
Kahn “Helter Skelter” [Punch Drunk] 2011
Sorrow “Want U Back” [Inspected Records] 2017
Ghostek “Hoax” [Not On Label] 2018
16 Bit “ADSL” [Brownswood Electr-c] 2009
L U C Y ft Bran Mazz “Summer Fiends” [Not On Label] 2018
P Jam “Nando’s Riddim” [Mean Streets] 2019
Untold “Dante” [Hotflush Recordings] 2019

PAN-AL “Trace & Locate” (Pan-Al, Apollo, 2019)
Boreal Massif “Low Forties” (We All Have An Impact, Pessimist Productions, 2019)
Zonal “Wrecked” (Wrecked, Relapse, 2019)
Aardvarck “Monkey see…” (Deep Medi Musik, 2019)
Throwing Snow “Ideolog” (The Death of Pragmatism, Houndstooth, 2019)
Silicon Sally “Skoda Banger” (Cultivated Electronics, 2019)
96 Back “Knock Out” (Issue in Surreal, Central Processing Unit, 2019)
Overmono “Le Tigre” (Polykicks, 2019)
Skee Mask “Slow Music” (Iss004, Ilian Tape, 2019)
Thugwidow “Hard Rave Aesthetic” (Hard Rave Aesthetic, Western Lore, 2019)
Floating Points “LesAlpx” (Crush, Ninjatune, 2019)
Carl Finlow “Octodecillion” (Elastic Collisions, Orson, 2019)
Kerrie “Before Calm” (Before Calm EP, Don’t Be Afraid, 2019)
Planetary Assault Systems “Whip It Good” (Plantae, Ostgut Ton, 2019)
FIX feat. Orlando Voorn, Blake Baxter “From The Ghetto” (Diligence Pt.2, Above Board Projects, 2019)
Garrett David & Colin Johnson “Icy Traverse” (American Dance Music Vol. 2, Argot Music, 2019)
Plaid “Maru (Skee Mask Remix)” (Warp, 2019)
Artilect “Impact Proxy” (Rhythm Seeker, Samurai Music, 2019)
Sin, Gremlinz & Jesta “Door of Guf” (3024-FYE4, 2019)
Future Engineers “Closed Circuit” (Partisan, 1998)
Battles feat Shabazz Palaces “IZM” (Juice B Crypts, Warp, 2019)
Teebs feat. Panda Bear “Studie” (Anicca, Brainfeeder, 2019)
Telefon Tel Aviv “mouth agape,” (Dreams Are Not Enough, Ghostly Intl, 2019)
SunnO))) “AMPLIPHÆDIES (E)“ (Pyroclasts, Southern Lord, 2019)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1101]

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New music from DJRUM, ALIX PEREZ, OM UNIT + GALCHER LUSTWERK, hosted by WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN + HENRY SELF. For the first hour, BILL surveys the latest left-field drum n bass, from neo-hardcore + half-step, to drumfunk + autonomic sounds. HENRY follows with emotive house, electro, space disco + downtempo. [aired 26 September 2019 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Djrum “Hard To Say” [R&S Records] 2019
Bop “Untitled Pattern 54” [Med School] 2018
The Untouchables “Baiana” [RuptureLDN] 2019
Last Life “Sacrifice” [Not On Label] 2019
Pact Infernal “Path to Topeth” [Altar] 2019
Alix Perez “Trinity” [1985] 2019
Lynx “B Box Roller” [Bingo Beats] 2019
Loxy “Gamma Light” [Cylon Recordings] 2019
Teebee & Calyx “The Quest” (Break Remix) [Subtitles Music] 2007
Mahakala “Tomahawk” [Om Unit] 2019
Sully “Porcelain” [Uncertain Hour] 2019
TMSV “2094” [Not On Label] 2019
Nucleus & Paradox “Love Her” (Remastered) [Esoteric] 2006/2019
Plaid “Maru” (Skee Mask Remix) [Warp] 2019
Om Unit & Kid Drama “Untitled 2” [Apollo Records] 2019

Metronomy “Forever Is a Long Time” – Metronomy Forever – Because
Upercent feat. Stereo MCs “Endles” – Regal No Material EP – Tau
Special Request “Phosphorescence” – Bedroom Tapes – Houndstooth
TSHA “Moon” – Counter
Bob Moses “Back Down” (Nathan Micay’s Bubble Trouble Dub Remix) – Battle Lines [Remixed] – Domino
Dusky “Skin Deep” (Global Communication Remix) – 17 Steps
Eclips 21 “Nebula” (1st Soul Mix) – Indisc
KRTS “Berlin Girls” – The Foreigner – Mooncircle
Galcher Lustwerk “Cig Angel” – Information – Ghostly International
Quantic feat. Sly5thAve “Orquídea” – Atlantic Oscillations – Tru Thoughts
Skinny Pelembe “My Love Is Burning, Down” – Dreaming Is Dead Now – Brownswood
Model Man “Clarity” – Beta Songs – Mahogany
Channel Tres “Controller” – Channel Tres EP – Godmode

Abstract Science Radio

Whoa-B “Submineral” (2012 studio mix)

Whoa-B “At The Core” (2014 studio mix)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1096] w/ Neffa-T

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NEFFA-T guest mix + new music from MARTYN, LURKA + NOMINE, on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL opens the program with a set of new grime + deep dubstep, leading into a special guest mix in a similar vein from NEFFA-T. A RINSE FM resident + WHITE PEACH recordings artist, Bournemouth, UK’s NEFFA-T is a rising talent. For the second hour, BILL continues with dubstep, breakbeat + garage sounds, closing out with jungle + drum n bass. [aired 08 August 2019 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Filthy Gears “Fallout” [Waste Disposal Music] 2019
Nomine “Badman Sound” [Nomine Sound] 2019
Dexplicit “Lion King” [No Hats No Hoods] 2019
CREEP N00M “Gulf” [Iteldred] 2018
Dubzta “The Last Key” [Low Tide Recordings] 2019
Hi5 Ghost “Isoulate” [Paper Cranes] 2018
Cimm “Godsmack” [Artikal Music] 2019
Sorrow “Phantom” [Not On Label] 2018
Quasar “Dub Speech” [Artikal Music] 2019
Bengal Sound “Corners” [Wych] 2019
Zha “Mumbai” [Naan] 2018
Novelist “Yakuta Riddim” [MMMYEAH] 2017

Mala “Calle F”
J:Kenzo “Stomp”
MRSHL “Death Dealer”
K Man The Phantom “Droplets”
Muttley “Architect” (Quasar Remix)
J:Kenzo “Mortal Kombat”
Drone “Untitled”
K Man The Phantom “Rezte”
Chad Dubz “Confusion”
OH91 “Meditation VIP”
JLSXND7RS “Marching” (Jook Remix)
Window Kid “Ryanair” (Acapella)

Raumskaya “Saturated Soul” [Hyperboloid] 2019
Lurka “Stay Let’s Together” [Wisdom Teeth] 2019
L U C Y “Revenge” [SZNS7N] 2019
Murlo “End Of The Road” [Coil Records] 2019
Starkey “Flux” [Eat the Bomb] 2019
Sully “Stripes On A Tiger Don’t Wash Away” [Bedouin Records] 2017
Last Japan & Inner “Cold Ascent” [Ascend] 2018
HXE “Rozay” [UIQ] 2019
Lemzly Dale “Go Away” [Sector 7 Sounds] 2019
Vvv & Ghostek “Surrender The Night” [DPR Recordings] 2016
Sinistarr & Tim Reaper “Rave Juke” [Shoot Recordings] 2019
Shinichiro Yokota “Do It Again” (Scatta Remix) [Not On Label] 2018
Perera Elsewhere x Sarah Farina x Kabuki “Work Hard” [Not On Label] 2018
Falty DL “Day At The Races” [Astrophonica] 2018
Neuropunk “L.A. Story” [Juke Bounce Werk] 2019
Martyn “B.C. 2” [Ostgut Ton] 2019
Jook “Luv Aint Simple” [Not On Label] 2019
Ftureable x Sunrvys “Supra” [Not On Label] 2019

Abstract Science Radio [AS1093]

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new music from EL-SULL (EL-B + SULLY), AJ TRACEY, LUSINE + BONOBO on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. for the first hour, BILL showcases the current UK garage/2 step revival with a mix heavy on self-released BANDCAMP.COM finds. LUKE takes hour 2 atmospheric, alternating between techno, dub + ambient sounds. [aired 18 July 2018 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

El-Sull “2Groovy” [GD4YA] 2019
Higgo “’95” [Rare Supply] 2019
Highrise “Untitled” [Not On Label] 2018
Mind Of A Dragon “Special” [Kiwi Records] 2019
Izco “Traffic” [Not On Label] 2018
Murlo & Conducta “Together” [Coil Records] 2018
Zemon “Decisions” [Slime Recordings] 2019
Folklore Séries “21 Speakers” [Folklore Séries] 2018
Jack Junior “Say What” [Not On Label] 2019
Royal-T “2 People” [Not On Label] 2018
Might “Power” [Test Your Might] 2019
Flava D “Jamz Club” [Not On Label] 2018
Para “Memories” [Not On Label] 2019
AJ Tracey ft General Levy & Novelist “Ladbroke Grove Remix” [Not On Label] 2019
Joey G ii “2003, South London” [Orphan Records] 2019

Manu Dia – Stranger – Surface EP – young art records
Bonobo – Linked – Ninja Tune
Junk-e-Cat – M.W.A. – Kreatur EP – mutterkomplex
Atsushi Izumi – Copper – Verigris EP – Thrènes Records
Arcane – Cold Days – The Lost Tapes – city life records
Zahn Hatami McClure – They’ll – epsilon – n5MD
Luca Draccar – Vampire Princess – NOORDINARY EP – lush point
Boding – Forsvundet – Bagefter EP – pattern abuse
Khotin – Water Soaked in Forever – Beautiful you – ghostly international
Lusine – Retrace – Retrace – Ghostly International
Aurora – The Seed – A different kind of Human : Set 2 – Decca

Abstract Science Radio [AS1091]

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new music from MOODYMANN, KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME, THOM YORKE + IKONIKA, plus a PHILIPPE ZDAR (RIP) retrospective on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL traverses the latest bass music for the first hour, shifting tempos through UK techno/breakbeat, dubstep/grime + footwork/dnb. For the second hour, HENRY pairs new house + slow burners with 80s classics, before revisiting the work of influential French producer, engineer + DJ PHILLIPE ZDAR, who died in a tragic fall this June. [aired 27 June 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM-Chicago]

Zomby “Zexor” [Bedouin Records] 2019
Tommy Four Seven “Neuromorph” [47] 2019
Kamikaze Space Programme “Crumbs” [Osiris Music] 2019
Invxrsion “Islands” [Not On Label] 2019
Guido “Blockwork” [State of Joy] 2019
Yazzus “Ghoulish” [Not On Label] 2019
Vex’d “Ghost” [Planet Mu] 2005
Gundam “Navigator Dub” [NSX] 2018
Shackleton “New Dawn” [Hotflush] 2006
Ghostek “Kaskade” [Not On Label] 2019
Etch “Groove Control” [Sneaker Social Club] 2018
Cesco “Drones” [1985] 2019
A.Fruit “Make Them Shake” [Cosmic Bridge] 2019
Teep “Unwilling” [Not On Label] 2019
BSN Posse “Bebop” [BSN Posse] 2019
Sam Binga “BFT” [Astrophonica] 2017
Almaty “Sonic Signature” [naïve] 2019
Ikonika “Resurrection Machine” [Adult Swim] 2019
Djrum “Untitled 9” [Ilian Tape] 2016

Anthony Naples “Aftermath AM” – Fog FM – Incienso
Moodymann “Downtown” – Sinner – KDJ
Eighties Ladies “Turned on to You” ‎- Ladies of the Eighties – Uno Melodic
The Pool “‎Jamaica Resting” – Dark Entries
Thom Yorke “Dawn Chorus” ‎- ANIMA – XL
La Funk Mob “Motor Bass Get Phunked Up” (Richie Hawtin Electrofunk Mix) – Mo Wax
Hot Chip “Clear Blue Skies” ‎- A Bath Full of Ecstasy – Domino ‎
Cassius “Summer” – Dreems – Caroline
Phoenix “Love Like a Sunset Part II” – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – Glassnote/Loyauté
Kasper Marott “Drømmen om Ø” (Forever Mix ’19)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1089]

Whoa-B “Shuffle” (2009 studio mix)

Sepalcure “Live at Bottom Lounge” (2012)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1086]

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YAK, SYNKRO, THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA + CHRISSY are featured new music on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN + HENRY SELF. BILL begins the program with left-field bass music, starting with deep dubstep, moving into experimental grime + drum n bass, and ending with downtempo sounds. HENRY continues the funky laid-back sounds into the 2nd hour, before delving into an eclectic mix of break beats, bass music + afro-boogie.

Atsushi Izumi “Zeit” [Thrènes] 2019
Feonix “Is It Raining” [Nomine Sound] 2019
Yak “Spore” [R&S Records] 2019
Alix Perez “Melodrama” [1985] 2019
Cluekid “Mistik World” [Infernal Sounds] 2019
TMSV “Zoned Out” [White Peach] 2018
Nights “Peace Walker” [Not On Label] 2019
Jook “Rolling In His Grave” [Sector 7 Sounds] 2019
Dissident & Dyl “Inner Glow” [re:st] 2019
Bloom “Dark Energy” [Bloom] 2018
Amon Tobin “Vipers Follow You” [Nomark Records] 2019
Surly “THIRTEEN” [Polish Juke] 2018
Sub Basics “Sleepless Nights” [Chord Marauders] 2019
Halogenix “Yellow Yellow” [Critical Recordings] 2018
Synkro “Realize” [Apollo Records] 2019

Lindstrøm & Christabelle “Lovesick” – Real Life Is No Cool – Feedelity/Smalltown Supersound
Quantic & Nidia Gongora “Ojos Vicheros” – Curao – Tru Thoughts
Soundspecies feat. Ahu “Can We Call It Love” – Soundspecies – Burntprogress
Bonobo “Stay the Same” (Mark Pritchard Remix) – Black Sands Remixed – Ninja Tune
The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Grey Reverend “Zero One/This Fantasy” – To Believe – Domino
Locust Toybox “Otravine” – Brainfeeder X – Brainfeeder
Bola “Waknuts” – Kroungrine – Skam
Redinho “Shem” – Redinho – Numbers.
Chrissy “2CI Fridays” – Resilience – Chiwax
Schneider TM vs. KPT.Michi.Gan “The Light 3000” – Binokular – City Slang
Skream “You Know, Right?” – Crosstown Rebels
Ata Kak “Daa Nyinaa” (Noema’s Tribute Edit) – African Shakedown

Abstract Science Radio [AS1082] w/ Dissident

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Special guest mix from DISSIDENT + new music from SKEPTICAL, HOMEMADE WEAPONS + SAM BINGA/OM UNIT are featured on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL begins this drum ‘n bass focused program with new + recent releases from many perennial ABSCI favorites. For the second hour, veteran St. Petersburg (Russia) producer DISSIDENT follows with an exclusive mix of his own varied drum n’bass compositions + remixes. [aired 25 April 2019 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Sam Binga & Om Unit “Find A Way” [Critical Recordings] 2019
Skeptical “Fibonacci Sequence” [Exit Records] 2019
Homemade Weapons “Patrol” [Samurai Music] 2019
Cooh “Half Tone” [Position Chrome] 2018
Hybris “Unpleasant Pheasant” [Invisible Recordings] 2018
Submarine “Dive Alarm” [1985] 2018
Lynx “Omnilon” [Detail Recordings] 2017
Bop “Untitled Pattern 66” [Med School] 2019
Sicknote & Dissect “Reset It (Total Science Remix)” [Detrimental Audio] 2019
Fracture “The Breaks” [CIA] 2012
Paradox “Toprock” [Metalheadz] 2018
Zero T “Bermuda” [31 Recordings] 2019
Seba “No One Dies” [Inperspective Records] 2018
Need For Mirrors “Sumi” [CNVX] 2019
Dom & Roland “Valves” [Moving Shadow] 1997

Dissident, Dissociative and Nordub “Anabasis” [none60]
Dissident “Ambidexture” [Hyperboloid]
Dissident “Hypocricy C” [Hyperboloid]
Mirror Network “This Song” (Dissident Remix) [Burelom]
Dissident “Universe Eat Universe” (Remastered) [Subside]
Dissident “Nightrain” [Dispatch]
Dissident & Cyberworm “Entracte Endless” [KOS.MOS.MUSIC]
Dissident & Parhelia “The Day Of 5 Suns” [Omni Music]
Dissident “Dreampunk” [Dispatch]
Dissident “Plazmoidz” [Opposide]
Dissident “Graviton” [re:st]
Dissident “Dystopian” [Opposide]
Dissident “Praying Robot” [Opposide]
Fuj “Scrutiny” (Dissident Remix) [Din is noise]

Abstract Science Radio [AS1079]

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CHRISSY, HOMESICK, YAZZUS + FRACTURE are featured new music selections on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL goes in with an extended mix, starting with new footwork + rave inspired selections for the first hour, followed by more straight ahead drum n bass for the second hour, ending with a string of millennial classics. [aired 04 April 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM-Chicago]


HomeSick “Burnout 2099” [Defrostatica Records] 2019
Surly “The Future” [Juke Bounce Werk] 2018
Jlin “Permutation” [Planet Mu] 2018
Chrissy “2CI Fridays” [Chiwax] 2019
Teep “Big Gulp Slurpee Straw Neck Ass” [Juke Bounce Werk] 2018
Jana Rush “SPACE” [TEKK DJZ] 2016
Oyubi “160rave” (ishikorogirl Remix) [Omoide Label] 2018
Doc Scott “Drumz ’95” (Nasty Habits Remix) [Metalheadz] 1995
Yazzus “She In Wonderland” [Not On Label] 2019
A.Fruit “Obsession” [Med School] 2019
Skee Mask “Skreet Lvl Dub” [Ilian Tape] 2017
Alaska “Earthloop” [Arctic Music] 2010
DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Machinedrum “Tha Flow” [Not On Label] 2015
Fracture “Hot Temptation” [Hot Source] 2019
Kyrist “Fragment” [Dispatch Recordings] 2018
Om Unit & Sam Binga “Never Been To Berghain” [BUNIT] 2018
Dolenz “Pull” (dBridge’s Push Me Instrumental Mix) [Exit Records] 2019
Digital & Spirit “Void VIP” [Function] 2002
Dylan & Loxy “Retribution” [Outbreak] 2000
Universal Project “Soundclash” [True Playaz] 2001
Visionary “Rub A Dub” [Dub 2010] 2001
Ink & J Dub “Feel Da Heat” [Architecture] 2001
Q Project “Strategy” [CIA] 2001
Digital & Spirit “Love Is Love” [Function] 2002
Bad Company “Spraycan” [DSCI4] 2000
Konflict “Celestial” [Renegade Hardware] 2000
Dillinja “Threshold” [Prototype] 1996

Abstract Science Radio [AS1076]

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LAURIE SPIEGEL, ANGEL-HO + YAZZUS are featured on another DAPHNE inspired ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, focusing on women + non-binary artists in electronic music, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL begins the program with a diverse set of UK bass music, ranging from mid-tempo club sounds, to footwork/drum ‘n bass and grime/dubstep. For the second hour, HENRY follows with house + disco, then finishes with more psychedelic sounds, all interspersed with selections from computer music pioneer LAURIE SPIEGEL’s recently reissued “UNSEEN WORLDS” LP. [aired 14 March 2019 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Nina Las Vegas ft Ninajirachi “Thursdays” [NLV] 2018
Flava D “Hold On” [Butterz] 2013
UNIIQU3 “Phase 3” [NLV] 2018
MIA “Pull Up The People (D’Explicit remix)” [XL] 2005
Ikonika “Oral Suspension” [DBA Dubs] 2017
Cooly G “Hard” [Hyperdub] 2017
Jack Sparrow “Good Old Days (Yazzus Nostalgic Remix)” [Deep Medi / Not On Label] 2019
A.Fruit “Bright Spot” [Med School] 2019
Sophia Loizou “Shadows Of Futurity” [Houndstooth] 2018
ANGEL-HO “Drama” [Hyperdub] 2019
Princess Nokia “Seraphims” [Rough Trade] 2014
Ms Dynamite “Don’t Stop” [Illa State Records] 2006
EVA808 “Pink Uzi Gang” [Innamind Recordings] 2018
L U C Y “REDRUM” [Not On Label] 2018
Vaccine “Wishful Thinking (VIP Mix)” [Hotflush Recordings] 2007

Laurie Spiegel “Strand of Life (Viroid)” – Unseen Worlds – Unseen Worlds
Pale Blue “The Past We Leave Behind” – The Past We Leave Behind – Captured Tracks
Chris E Pants “1981” (The Black Madonna’s Dubbed to the Bone Mix) – File Under Disco
B.Traits “Still Point” – IN.TOTO
Honey Dijon feat. Dajae “Until the Day” – Toolroom Trax
Jessy Lanza “Oh No” – Oh No – Hyperdub
Laurie Spiegel “From a Harmonic Algorithm” – Unseen Worlds – Unseen Worlds
Tamaryn “Prizma” – Tender New Signs – Mexican Summer
Washed Out “Eyes Be Closed” (Grimes Remix) – Sub Pop
Inanna “Cariad” – La Folia
Octo Octa “I Need You” – For Lovers – Ninja Tune
Anushka – “Never Can Decide” – Broken Circuit – Brownswood
Laurie Spiegel “Finding Voice” – Unseen Worlds – Unseen Worlds