Abstract Science Radio [AS1161]


New music from DRUMSKULL, SCRATCHCLART, SCHNEIDER TM, COIL + more on this Abstract Science podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. BILL begins with a mix of breakbeat, grime, electro + techno. LUKE follows with a bit more techno, gradually descending into downtempo, braindance + soundscapes. [aired 1 April 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

DJ GIRL X DJ FLP “Operator” (Dub Mix) EAT DIS, 2020
Stones Taro “To Rave” Scuffed Recordings, 2020
Drumskull “Negative 7” Seagrave, 2021
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Wheele” AD 93, 2020
Scratchclart “Kong” (Earthsurfaceopen Bootleg Mix) DRMTRK, 2021
FJAAK “WH?T” Tectonic, 2021
Gage “The Swarm” 2 B Real, 2021
Biome “Guilty” Manuka, 2021
Sam Binga & Chimpo “Ultra Luxe” Critical Music, 2021
John Tejada “Marina Motel” (Plaid Remix) Touched, 2021
Fiesta Soundsystem “Pych 130” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Kettama “Anniversary” R&S Records, 2020
M4A4 “Avera” Lobster Theremin, 2021
Herb LF “I Know About” (K-Lone Remix) Practical Rhythms, 2021
Bop “NDE” Hospital Records, 2021
KG & UNIIQU3 “Black Roses” Future Bounce, 2020
Calibre “Regular Bull” Signature Recordings, 2021
SpektralSound “Biolumisecent” (Spektral Night Waves Version) Manuka, 2021

BRONSON “Keep Moving (HAAi Remix)” (BRONSON Remixes N°.2, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Simona Zamboli “Compossibility” (Ethernity, Mille Plateaux, 2021)
M. Rahn “Iron Flowers” (The Lost Archives, Seasides on Postcards, 2021)
Schneider TM “Light & Grace” (The 8 0f Space, Editions Meego, 2021)
Jimmy Edgar “Curves” (Cheetah Bend, Innovative Leisure, 2021)
Visionist “Allowed to dream” (A call to arms, Mute, 2021)
Duo Odio “Manú” (Patria y Rudio, G89 Records, 2021)
Coil “Strange Birds” (Musick to play in the dark, Sacred Bones, 2021)
PCM “Substrato” (Macro, n5MD, 2021)
Kazuya Nagaya “Rabbit Whispers Buddha (Ezekiel Hagar Rework)” (Microscope of Heraclitus Reworks, Indigo Raw, 2021)
Reza Safinia “Surya” (Yin, Music & Texture, 2021)


Abstract Science Radio [AS1140]

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New music from HYPHO, DRUMSKULL, JAMES BLAKE, FORD. + more on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL focuses various styles–breakbeat, techno, juke, grime + wave–through a blunted mid-tempo bass music lens to begin the program. HENRY flips the head-down vibe for the second hour, with soulful + jazz sounds giving way to uplifting disco, house + techno.

[aired 05 November 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Raumskaya “Disrupted” Hyperboloid Records, 2019
Walton “The Bop” Not On Label, 2020
Hypho “Get A Job” Swamp 81, 2020
BSN Posse “Follow the rhythm (if u can)” Not On Label, 2019
Jana Rush “Break It” Objects Limited, 2017
Slikback “Zuhura” Hakuna Kulala, 2019
Kontext “Laying On The Ground” Leibniz, 2007
Drumskull “Braincleaner” Seagrave, 2020
Tusken Raiders “Sexy Sandpeople” Planet Mu, 1995
Jammin “Moving Differently” Bingo Bass, 2020
SNØW “Bleep Test” R&S Records, 2019
Kachina “Maasai Mara” Affectionate Grooves, 2018
TMSV “An Endless Loop” Not On Label, 2020
Plastician “Photons” Terrorhythm, 2018
Synkro “Images” (Sieren Remix) Apollo Records, 2020

James Blake “Before” (Before, Republic, 2020)
The Vision feat. Andreya Triana & Ben Westbeech “Missing” (Defected, 2020)
Marcos Valle / Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad ‎”Our Train” (Jazz Is Dead 3, Jazz Is Dead, 2020)
Mike Salta “Hey Moloko” (Music for Dreams, 2018)
Zero 7 feat. Lou Stone “Outline” (Shadows, Make/BMG, 2020)
Kevin Morby “Velvet Highway” (Sundowner, Dead Oceans, 2020)
ford. “Canvas” (The Color of Nothing, Foreign Family Collective, 2020)
Tensnake “Simpansi” (L.A., True Romance/Armada, 2020)
Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. Jamie Principle “Your Love” (Alan Dixon Remix) (So Sure, 2020)
Luke Slater’s 7th Plain “Seeing Sense” (The 4 Cornered Room, General Production, 1994)
Khruangbin “Summer Madness” (Late Night Tales, Late Night Tales, 2020)
Gorillaz “Taxi Back to 80’s Reykjavik” (Song Machine Season One, Parlophone/Warner, 2020)


Abstract Science Radio [AS1133]

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New music from 214, ANZ, DANIEL AVERY, AL WOOTON + SLIKBACK on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN, CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF in the mix. BILL begins the program with an electro-inspired hour, combining contemporary versions of the classic sound with bits of breakbeat + grime. For the second hour, WIDMAN follows with emotive selections, moving through house, dub, uk garage + breakbeat rave revivals. HENRY closes out the extended podcast with a diverse set of downtempo, jazz, disco, acid house + psych sounds.

[aired 10 + 17 September 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

214 “this one’s for rexing” Klakson, 2020
Anz “Gary Mission” Hessle Audio, 2020
ERP “ZRX” Frustrated Funk, 2019
Delay Grounds “Stompy” Pressure Dome, 2020
Drum Thing “Space Hulk” Scuffed Recordings, 2020
Lobby “Feint” Super Kitchen, 2020
Lithe “Yaya” Not On Label, 2020
BFTT “Lokt” Polity Records, 2020
Darqwan “Three Note Blue” Hospital Records, 2003
Lone “Dragonrush” R&S Records, 2020
The Advent “This Is Not” Cultivated Electronics, 2020
Drexciya “Wavejumper” (Aqualung Version) Clone Aqualung Series, 2015
Cygnus “Neon Flux” World Building, 2020
Morphology “Binary Star” Firescope, 2020

Ital Tek “Leaving The Grid” (Outland, Planet Mu, 2020)
Daniel Avery “Lone Swordsman” (Dusting for Smoke, 2020)
Legowelt “Backwoods Fantasies” (Sark Island Acid, L.I.E.S., 2011)
Seven Davis Jr “NoRules” (Sev Was Here 1+2, 2020)
V.I.V.E.K “Galactic” (Different Sound, 2019)
Hodge “Sense Inversion” (Shadows In Blue, Houndstooth, 2020)
FAUZIA “INSURRECTION” (Fragments, 2020)
Neil Landstrumm “Doberman” (Doberman EP, Lobster 2020)
Al Wootton “Lerzin” (Snake Dance E.P., Livity Sound, 2020)
Pearson Sound “Alien Mode” (Alien Mode EP, Hessle Audio, 2020)
Fracture “GETTIN DIS PAPR” (In Order To Care, R&S, 2020)
Pessimist “Ridge Racer Revolution” (Ilian Tape, 2020)
BENTON “Third Wish” (Third Wish, 2020)
Slikback “FAZA” (///, 2020)

Boards of Canada “1969” (Geogaddi, Warp, 2002)
Phoenix “1901” (sayCet RMX) (, 2009)
Childish Gambino “3005” (okokko remix) (, 2017)
One Tongue “1945” (No Doubt, YAYA, 1990)
Gregory Porter “1960 What?” (Wicked Jazz Sounds Edit) (Motéma, 2010)
Chris E Pants “1981” (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Mix) (File Under Disco, 2014)
Yeasayer “2080” (All Hour Cymbals, We Are Free, 2007)
Nosaj Thing “2222” (Drift, Alpha Pup, 2009)
Deru “1979” (1979, Friends of Friends, 2004)
Crystal Castles “1991” (Indyans Remix) (, 2016)
Miss Kittin “1993 Eacid” (Truncate Remix) (Zone, 2018)
Chet Faker “1998” (Scuola Furano Baleacid Edit) (, 2014)
The Gil Evans Orchestra “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)” (Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix, RCA, 1974)


Abstract Science Radio [AS1061]

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BRUCE, DEMDIKE STARE, DOPPLEREFFEKT + ADDISON GROOVE are featured new music on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + WHOA-B. WIDMAN begins the program with techno + house, gradually moving into breakbeat, electro + uk bass music hybrids. regular guest WHOA-B steps up for a second hour set of drum n’ bass. [aired 01 nov 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Redshape “Radio Drama” (A Sole Game, Monkeytown, 2018)
Bambooman “Ricochet (Matthew Herbert’s Milky Dub)” (Accidental Jnr, 2018)
Gerd “The Prophetess” (Aus Music, 2018)
Addison Groove “F1nk” (Groove, 2018)
Mariel Ito “Lovely” (2000-2005, R&S)
Maelstrom “Fragment” (Central Processing Unit, 2018)
Jacques Greene “Avatar Beach (Extended)” (LuckyMe, 2018)
Deadboy “Klint” (Trule, 2018)
DOPPLEREFFEKT “Hayflick Limit” (Athanatos, Leisure System, 2018)
Taraval “Aardvark” (Text, 2018)
Demdike Stare “Caps Have Gone” (Passion, Modern Love, 2018)
Etch “Snell’s Law” (Ups & Downs, Sneaker Social Club, 2018)
Bruce “Serotonin Levels Low” (Sonder Somatic, Hessle Audio, 2018)

Loxy & Resound – League Of Shadows [Samurai Music]
Fracture – Gangbusters [Metalheadz]
Gremlinz & No Rules – Water [Cylon Recordings]
Despot – Rogue State [31 Records]
Digital – Stitch Up [Function Records]
Rainforest – Squad Nights [Absys Records]
Amit – Form And Dictate [31 Records]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Shut The Window [BUNIT]
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero [Invisible Recordings]
Lynx & Kemo – Dangerous [Soul:r]
Alpha Omega – Deep Cover [Reinforced Records]
Loxy & Resound – Heritage [CNVX]