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Whoa-B “Submineral” (2012 studio mix)

Whoa-B “At The Core” (2014 studio mix)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1096] w/ Neffa-T

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NEFFA-T guest mix + new music from MARTYN, LURKA + NOMINE, on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. BILL opens the program with a set of new grime + deep dubstep, leading into a special guest mix in a similar vein from NEFFA-T. A RINSE FM resident + WHITE PEACH recordings artist, Bournemouth, UK’s NEFFA-T is a rising talent. For the second hour, BILL continues with dubstep, breakbeat + garage sounds, closing out with jungle + drum n bass. [aired 08 August 2019 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Filthy Gears “Fallout” [Waste Disposal Music] 2019
Nomine “Badman Sound” [Nomine Sound] 2019
Dexplicit “Lion King” [No Hats No Hoods] 2019
CREEP N00M “Gulf” [Iteldred] 2018
Dubzta “The Last Key” [Low Tide Recordings] 2019
Hi5 Ghost “Isoulate” [Paper Cranes] 2018
Cimm “Godsmack” [Artikal Music] 2019
Sorrow “Phantom” [Not On Label] 2018
Quasar “Dub Speech” [Artikal Music] 2019
Bengal Sound “Corners” [Wych] 2019
Zha “Mumbai” [Naan] 2018
Novelist “Yakuta Riddim” [MMMYEAH] 2017

Mala “Calle F”
J:Kenzo “Stomp”
MRSHL “Death Dealer”
K Man The Phantom “Droplets”
Muttley “Architect” (Quasar Remix)
J:Kenzo “Mortal Kombat”
Drone “Untitled”
K Man The Phantom “Rezte”
Chad Dubz “Confusion”
OH91 “Meditation VIP”
JLSXND7RS “Marching” (Jook Remix)
Window Kid “Ryanair” (Acapella)

Raumskaya “Saturated Soul” [Hyperboloid] 2019
Lurka “Stay Let’s Together” [Wisdom Teeth] 2019
L U C Y “Revenge” [SZNS7N] 2019
Murlo “End Of The Road” [Coil Records] 2019
Starkey “Flux” [Eat the Bomb] 2019
Sully “Stripes On A Tiger Don’t Wash Away” [Bedouin Records] 2017
Last Japan & Inner “Cold Ascent” [Ascend] 2018
HXE “Rozay” [UIQ] 2019
Lemzly Dale “Go Away” [Sector 7 Sounds] 2019
Vvv & Ghostek “Surrender The Night” [DPR Recordings] 2016
Sinistarr & Tim Reaper “Rave Juke” [Shoot Recordings] 2019
Shinichiro Yokota “Do It Again” (Scatta Remix) [Not On Label] 2018
Perera Elsewhere x Sarah Farina x Kabuki “Work Hard” [Not On Label] 2018
Falty DL “Day At The Races” [Astrophonica] 2018
Neuropunk “L.A. Story” [Juke Bounce Werk] 2019
Martyn “B.C. 2” [Ostgut Ton] 2019
Jook “Luv Aint Simple” [Not On Label] 2019
Ftureable x Sunrvys “Supra” [Not On Label] 2019

Abstract Science Radio [AS1091]

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new music from MOODYMANN, KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME, THOM YORKE + IKONIKA, plus a PHILIPPE ZDAR (RIP) retrospective on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL traverses the latest bass music for the first hour, shifting tempos through UK techno/breakbeat, dubstep/grime + footwork/dnb. For the second hour, HENRY pairs new house + slow burners with 80s classics, before revisiting the work of influential French producer, engineer + DJ PHILLIPE ZDAR, who died in a tragic fall this June. [aired 27 June 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM-Chicago]

Zomby “Zexor” [Bedouin Records] 2019
Tommy Four Seven “Neuromorph” [47] 2019
Kamikaze Space Programme “Crumbs” [Osiris Music] 2019
Invxrsion “Islands” [Not On Label] 2019
Guido “Blockwork” [State of Joy] 2019
Yazzus “Ghoulish” [Not On Label] 2019
Vex’d “Ghost” [Planet Mu] 2005
Gundam “Navigator Dub” [NSX] 2018
Shackleton “New Dawn” [Hotflush] 2006
Ghostek “Kaskade” [Not On Label] 2019
Etch “Groove Control” [Sneaker Social Club] 2018
Cesco “Drones” [1985] 2019
A.Fruit “Make Them Shake” [Cosmic Bridge] 2019
Teep “Unwilling” [Not On Label] 2019
BSN Posse “Bebop” [BSN Posse] 2019
Sam Binga “BFT” [Astrophonica] 2017
Almaty “Sonic Signature” [naïve] 2019
Ikonika “Resurrection Machine” [Adult Swim] 2019
Djrum “Untitled 9” [Ilian Tape] 2016

Anthony Naples “Aftermath AM” – Fog FM – Incienso
Moodymann “Downtown” – Sinner – KDJ
Eighties Ladies “Turned on to You” ‎- Ladies of the Eighties – Uno Melodic
The Pool “‎Jamaica Resting” – Dark Entries
Thom Yorke “Dawn Chorus” ‎- ANIMA – XL
La Funk Mob “Motor Bass Get Phunked Up” (Richie Hawtin Electrofunk Mix) – Mo Wax
Hot Chip “Clear Blue Skies” ‎- A Bath Full of Ecstasy – Domino ‎
Cassius “Summer” – Dreems – Caroline
Phoenix “Love Like a Sunset Part II” – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – Glassnote/Loyauté
Kasper Marott “Drømmen om Ø” (Forever Mix ’19)

Abstract Science Radio [AS1086]

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YAK, SYNKRO, THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA + CHRISSY are featured new music on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN + HENRY SELF. BILL begins the program with left-field bass music, starting with deep dubstep, moving into experimental grime + drum n bass, and ending with downtempo sounds. HENRY continues the funky laid-back sounds into the 2nd hour, before delving into an eclectic mix of break beats, bass music + afro-boogie.

Atsushi Izumi “Zeit” [Thrènes] 2019
Feonix “Is It Raining” [Nomine Sound] 2019
Yak “Spore” [R&S Records] 2019
Alix Perez “Melodrama” [1985] 2019
Cluekid “Mistik World” [Infernal Sounds] 2019
TMSV “Zoned Out” [White Peach] 2018
Nights “Peace Walker” [Not On Label] 2019
Jook “Rolling In His Grave” [Sector 7 Sounds] 2019
Dissident & Dyl “Inner Glow” [re:st] 2019
Bloom “Dark Energy” [Bloom] 2018
Amon Tobin “Vipers Follow You” [Nomark Records] 2019
Surly “THIRTEEN” [Polish Juke] 2018
Sub Basics “Sleepless Nights” [Chord Marauders] 2019
Halogenix “Yellow Yellow” [Critical Recordings] 2018
Synkro “Realize” [Apollo Records] 2019

Lindstrøm & Christabelle “Lovesick” – Real Life Is No Cool – Feedelity/Smalltown Supersound
Quantic & Nidia Gongora “Ojos Vicheros” – Curao – Tru Thoughts
Soundspecies feat. Ahu “Can We Call It Love” – Soundspecies – Burntprogress
Bonobo “Stay the Same” (Mark Pritchard Remix) – Black Sands Remixed – Ninja Tune
The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Grey Reverend “Zero One/This Fantasy” – To Believe – Domino
Locust Toybox “Otravine” – Brainfeeder X – Brainfeeder
Bola “Waknuts” – Kroungrine – Skam
Redinho “Shem” – Redinho – Numbers.
Chrissy “2CI Fridays” – Resilience – Chiwax
Schneider TM vs. KPT.Michi.Gan “The Light 3000” – Binokular – City Slang
Skream “You Know, Right?” – Crosstown Rebels
Ata Kak “Daa Nyinaa” (Noema’s Tribute Edit) – African Shakedown

Abstract Science Radio [AS1063]

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DANIEL AVERY, MAGIC DRUM ORCHESTRA + MARLEY CARROL are featured new music on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with HENRY SELF + guest host WHOA-B. frequent contributor + friend of the show WHOA-B, aka BILL BEARDEN, steps up to the mic for his first program as a monthly rotating host and selector. for the first hour, WHOA-B mixes UK bass/club, future garage + deep dubstep. HENRY takes hour 2 in a house + techno direction, starting with ambient + building to a crescendo of reinterpreted classics. [aired 15 nov 2018 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Troy Gunner “Pleading” [Brotherhood Sound System]
Morphy “Shackles” (Kamikaze Space Programme Mix) [Voodoo Music]
Pedestrian & Jasperdrum “Origins” [2nd Drop]
Akkord “XMTR” [Houndstooth]
Pangaea “Bone Sucka” [Hessle Audio]
DJ Madd “On The Rocks” [Roots & Future]
Wookie “Storm” [ManChu] vs Craig David “Fill Me In” (Acapella) [Atlantic]
DJ Central & Erika Casier “Drive” (DJ Sports Club Mix) [Regelbau]
Folklore Séries “Original Sound” [white]
Congi “Dreams End” (Geode Remix) [Chord Marauders]
Martyn “Vancouver” [3024]
Synkro “Hold On” [On The Edge]
Thelem “Tarnished” [Osiris Music]
Plastician “Wonky” [Terrorhythm]
Egoless “Decolonize” [Sentry]

Steve Hauschildt “M Path” – Dissolvi – Ghostly International
Marley Carroll “Shiver” – Flight Patterns – Loci
Maribou State “Kingdom” – Kingdoms In Colour – Counter
Hidden Orchestra “Wingbeats” (Max Cooper Remix) – Tru Thoughts
Silverlining “Ni Cd Deluxe” – Wrong
Tiga “Blondes Have More Fun” (Jonas Rathsman Remix) – Counter
Daniel Avery “Diminuendo” – Phantasy Sound
Orbital “Out There Somewhere” (Live at Irvine Plaza, New York) – Internal
Magic Drum Orchestra feat. Bunty – “Original Nuttah” – Shapes: Mountains – Tru Thoughts

Ten Years Later

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Celebrating the ten year anniversary of my Ten Minute Dubstep Mix!

featuring sets by E-Tik, DJ The Tornado, Whoa-B, Chris Widman, Riglow, FoleyDub, Lerk, and Sectra

The Deep

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track listing:

1. Nomine – Stomp [Sentry]
2. MRK1 – Slope [Planet Mu]
3. Thelem – Shottaz [Artikal]
4. J:Kenzo – Bloodlines [Tempa]
5. Amit – Thakurs Army [Amar]
6. Loefah – Yours [Ringo]
7. Fracture – The Phonecall [Compound One]
8. Youngsta & Cimm – Split Minds [Tempa]

Number One Sound

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track listing:

01. Vex’d – Crusher Dub [Planet Mu]
xx. Bloodclott Breaks – Soundbwoy Intro
02. RSD – Kingfisher [Earwax]
03. J Courage – Too Deep (Juju Remix) [Trenchant]
04. N-Type – Way Of The Dub [Dub Police]
05. DJG – Swazi Rhythym [Gourmet Beats]
06. Iilti – Wash And Shake [Fortress Dubs]
07. Distance – Nomad (Scuba Remix) [Abucs]
08. Von D – Burn Baphomet [Amar]
09. Mundo – Still Stand Rasta [Dub Assembly]
10. Kromestar – Hype [Southside]
11. Jonah Freed – Time Dilation [Innerverse]
xx. Bloodclott Breaks – Airhorn

The Records From Last Night


track listing:

01. Various Production – Bside [Various Production]
02. Jonah Freed – Time Dilation [Innerverse]
03. Kromestar – Hype [Southside]
04. Plastician – Unhappy Shopper [Contagious]
05. Data – Hedorah [Dubzilla]
06. Demon – Frostbite [Macabre Unit]
07. Thelem – Haunted Harmonics [Artikal]
08. Kromestar & Distinction – Zzzapaah [Noppa]
09. Scuba – Plate [Hotflush]
10. Massive Music – Find My Was (Kode9 Remix) [Hyperdub]
11. Killawatt – Rolling Dunes (Ipman Remix) [Wheel & Deal]
12. D1 – Greazy [Tempa]
13. Macabre Unit – Tensor Jam [Terrorhythm]
14. Terror Danjah – Bipolar [Butterz]
15. J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect [Tempa]
16. Black Sun Empire – The 405 [Shadows Of The Empire]
17. Cluekid – Cyber Funk [Aquatic Lab]
18. Cotti vs Cluekid – Sensi Dub [white]
19. N-Type – Way Of The Dub (Caspa Remix) [Dub Police]
20. Caspa & Rusko – Soulful Geeza [Dub Police]
vs. Cheech – Chicago Wild [Wild Loops]

2D Pony


music: Skream – 2D [Tempa] 2008
vocals: Ginuwine – Pony [550 Music] 1996

I’m A Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter

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01. The Prodigy – Firestarter [XL]
02. Hi5 Ghost – Teflon [Paper Cranes]
03. Wiley – 5:27am [Earth 616]
04. Caspa – Dub Warz [Dub Police]
05. Nights – Seawolf Bootleg [NSX]
06. Plasticman – Death By Stereo [Rephlex]
07. Royal T – Shotta [Butterz]
08. Kahn & Neek – Chevy [Bandulu]
09. Jon E Cash – Merk Riddim [Black Ops]

Compa @ Smart Bar

Joe Nice & Karnage @ Smart Bar

DJ Madd @ Smart Bar

ClouwdNine SoundClash


Addison Groove @ Smart Bar

Listen To This Event


Watch | Download

01. Synkro – Tribe [Box Clever]
02. Biome – Cromos [Tempa]
03. Cluekid – Cyber Funk [Aquatic Lab]
04. Thelem – Grainform [Artikal]
05. Pinch – Punisher (Loefah Remix) [Planet Mu]
06. DJ Madd – Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix) [Black Box]
07. Lung – Sky People [Med School]

Saturday Night Hustle @ Pressure Billiards

At The Core


01. Commodo vs Lurka – Capisce? [Black Box]
02. Thelem – False Imprint [Innamind]
03. Jack Sparrow ft Ruckspin – Dread [Tectonic]
04. 16 Bit – Serum [Mindset]
05. Biome – Shaman [On The Edge]
06. Thelem – Tarnished [Osiris]
07. J Kenzo – Bloodlines [Tempa]
08. Loefah – Root [DMZ]
09. Synkro – Tribe [Box Clever]
10. 2562 – Kontrol [Tectonic]
11. Data – Hedorah [Dubzilla]
12. Cluekid – Down & Dirty [Earwax]
13. I.D. & Skinnz – Offshore [Double Science]
14. Ramadanman – Blimey [Hessle Audio]
15. Gantz – No Faith [Box Clever]
16. Pinch – Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders! [Planet Mu]

Them Flavors: Plastician @ Primary

AMA on reddit

I am Whoa-B. Ask me anything.


Stamina: STFO x BASSWEIGHT @ Thirteen Pins

Wolf Pack Presents BadKlaat @ Smart Bar

Last Sunday At The Lighthouse

Watch | Download

01. Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The Rave [Earth 616]
02. Joker – Output 1-2 [Tectonic]
03. The Bug ft Flow Dan – Jah War (Loefah Remix) [Ninja Tune]
04. Commodo vs Lurka – Capisce? [Black Box]
05. Loefah – The Goat Stare [DMZ]
06. Champion – Speed [Butterz]
07. Terror Danjah – Green Street [After Shock]
08. Youngstar – Bongcat 2 [DDJS]
09. Kowton – TFB [All Caps]
10. P-Jam – Untitled [Night Slugs]

Foundation Mix


01. Starkey ft Trim – DPMO [Slit Jockey]
02. Redlight – MDMA [More Than Alot]
03. Champion – Crystal Meth [Butterz]
04. Mr Keas – MC2 [Southside]
05. Wiley – Flat Derik [Dump Valve]
06. DJ Mondie ft Flirta D – Straight [Mondie]
07. Skepta – Rockstar (Killasoundbwoy Mix) [Adamantium]
08. Dirty Danger – RSMD [No Hats No Hoods]
09. P Jam – Anger Management (Vital Remix) [Dice]
10. Footsie – Showerman [Dirtee Stank]
11. Jon E Cash – Merc Riddim [Black Ops]
12. Maniac – Skenged Out [Earth 616]
13. MRK1 – Trenchwalk [Boka]
14. Kromestar – Hype [Southside]
15. Plastician – Unhappy Shopper [Contagious]
16. Demon – Frostbite [Macabre Unit]

Recorded for itsfoundation.com